Good quality games...

It seems to me that lately too many video games are just visual orgies with little substance. I’d like to get a new game - the last game I bought was Halo, heh. I have an Xbox and a fairly decent PC, but I can’t find anything that would provide an interesting challenge in the way of having to problem solve to at least some degree instead of mindlessly blasting away at enemies or amassing huge armies. Any thoughts?

Look under the Games / Award winners.

like katamari damacy? [or the sequel]

shadow of the colossus? ?

other old or emulated games?


you said you wanted a skill based game, would you like to be more specific?
[edit: the current definiton of quality is mostly based on graphics, not innovation in gameplay]

Well, since you have an XBOX, I’d give Jade Empire and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic a try. (Yes, they are RPGs…I thought that I’d HATE KOTOR b/c it was an RPG (I normally play more FPS type games) but I LOVE it.) My younger brother plays the Splinter Cell series…they require more thought and stealth…you might want to look into those.


Leisure Suit Larry 7 for the PC:

or Psi-ops for the XBox:

the elder scrolls games are pretty cool, they can require llots or little thinking dpeending on how you play. I always liked them for the theme, and how immersive they are.

Forza Motorsport for the XBOX? If you drive with all the aids off (ABS, stability control etc etc) its a completely different kettle of fish compared to most other car racing games.

Note - Forza does not include kettles of fish.


z3ro d:

you said you wanted a skill based game, would you like to be more specific?

Something with more problem solving and less linear, a la Zelda for the N64, for instance.

I’ve played both KOTOR and Jade Empire, finished the former but got a bit tired during the latter because it seemed a little too similar to KOTOR to me. Still good, but not worth renting again just to finish. Splinter cell was also good for a while, too.

I have to second that. Get Morrowind GOTY and you won’t disappointed. It’s not up to todays visual quality but the game does indeed rock hard.

A lot of depth, a good storyline (which ironically can be almost anything you want. It’s a completely non-linear RPG, you can literally wonder anywhere and be anything, so long as your character is strong enough)

I’m eagerly awaiting TES4: Oblivion. I’m even upgrading my PC for it, which for any other game, I seriously doubt I’d do.

KOTOR1 is good as well, I never tried 2. It is more linear than Morrowind though you can have a variety of game endings in KOTOR, where as in Morrowind the main quest has only one ending. However KOTOR isn’t open ended, once you win, you win and hte game is over. In morrowind you play until you get tired or you’ve finished all the quests, and because morrowind has a nice mod tool theirs a ton of mods/plugins for it with anyhting from weapons and dungeons to entire quests and guilds.


Has anyone tried kotor2? I am considering buying it…

Anyway, you might try the neverwinter nights diamond pack, it’s got all the neverwinter nights in it for only $30 :smiley:

Thief or Thief II for PC. It’s a FPS(first person sneaker), and you steal loot. It requires a lot of thinking and patience, and the average for beating every level is anywere between 20 minutes to several hours, depending on how much you wanna do. I bought Thief II not long ago, and I beat it, and it was better than I thought, and I thought it was really good to begin with. I got it off Amazon for $8.45. Oh! And there is Thief: Deadly Shadows for PC and XBOX. I heard it was just as good as the originals.
Here are some demos.

ah thief! great game, get all 3, and the new one is pretty good too! The first 3 are odler games, that lack in graphics, but they make up for it in gmaeplay and such. THere are also some fps mods coming out for some major fps’s.

For a non FPS, I would recomend F-Zero GX. Easy to control, very fast, very challenging, and fun and heck. As far as racing games, F-Zero GX got first on my racing list, followed by Rollcage Stage II.

Half-Life 2, even though it did have impressive visuals, had quite a bit more to offer in the problem solving and story telling department for FPS games. I would recomend Metriod Prime 2 if I’ve played it yet. The first one was awesome.

I can’t really offer too much advice for puzzle/adventure/RPGs, etc. But, Deus Ex as a RPG/FPS hybrid was good (I’ve had no desire to play the sequal), Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo for PlayStation was fun, and for adventure games, the Monkey Island series.

As a side note, I’m happy with my recent Rag Doll Kung Fu purchase. And it sounds like you might like a Ninendo DS. Not only do I use it for an alarm clock (no joke), it has some fun games; been playing Kirby Canvas Curse for a while.

Anyway, as far as NEW games, I really can’t think of any. At least, I haven’t bougth any that have fully satisfied my entertainment wants.

So, until some really worthwhile games come out, or when my own does :), recently anime has done the trick for me (Naruto, Kalideo Star, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Going to start watching Bleach soon).

If you have a ds, get Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow. You will not regret it. It is one of the best games ever made for the DS, and will probably be the one reason many people get a DS (including myself.) I highly doubt that there will be a better DS game until Metroid Prime hunters comes out.

I just finished Shadow of the Colossus and must say that is quite an experience. But that is on PS2. I’ve also enjoyed Indigo Prophecy. Look them both up.

get some RTSs and do something with your brain

Good ones are:
War Craft
Zero Hour
Star Craft
Age of Empires II (dont know if the new one is good)

Have you ever played Riven? I realize I must be beginning to sound like a broken record, but really, it’s a great game. It blows my mind every time. Right now it’s available on DVD, too, so you don’t even need to change discs.

Space Quest, that game was hilarious, and it’s a adventure game.

Hey, Metsys, have you seen Beck, I just got done seeing it, and man, all I can say is beatiful.

Mmmm…yea. Riven. Actually, all the Myst games, except for the Uru series (I say it sucked). I think Riven was a masterpiece though. It was probaby the best game they ever made.

Coming from a seasoned gamer, I would go with either any of the Grand Theft Auto games or City of Heros/Villians.