Good quality scan asset store?

Hey guys,

I’ve been searching for good online 3d scan stores and apparently there’s not many options out there. Today I bought a head from this store called “3d head scan” and, I was fooled by the pictures at their website. For the quality seemed to be great but I found out that the mesh was low resolution and the diffuse map was actually a photo of the real person. Lol.

Fortunately they’ve accepted refunding me.

The best store I’ve found so far was one called “3d scan store”. The quality of their scan heads are great, the models come in zbrush file format with up to 6 subdivisions and the diffuse map comes in 16k. Which is overkill in my opinion. Lol. I bought one of their heads when it was 50% off so it was a great deal.

Anyway, I really don’t know if it’s allowed to mention stores in this forum so please let me know it it’s against the rules or something. Like, of course my intention is not to make advertise of any store here, It doesn’t make sense. But I think it would be cool if we shared nice places we know where we can find high quality stuff for using in our projects.

Anyway, thank you.