Good recourses for learning topology theory?

So, I know the basic topology for base meshes. I know where all the loops go, were the poles go, and how edges should flow around the body. But I don’t know why the loops go where they go or how to plan topology to get the best shapes/deformations when animating if there are any “additions” to the base anatomy of the model. For example, if I were to make a nsfw model, there are new body parts that I don’t know how to route the topology around them because I don’t even know what I’m trying to accomplish in choosing how to route edge loops and such. Any good tutorials or courses on explaining retopology? Thanks for the help!

Well if you know that:

then just continue :wink: . The base mesh isn’t always for sculpting, it’s just to start and it’s not always subdived or (complete ) loop adding. Sometimes you just select some edges (not arround) and add a (semi) loop. Or exrude and resite, realigned … (model it out) . Now you maybe have bad topology and you have to fix later and that’s the trick: you know by experience. So even watch older tuts and for other SW and just look at the topology process. And everybody is asking for the best… it depends always on requirement never opinion.