Good Reference Images....

We all know about

Where can i find nice face references… i found a few on that site but they contain no textures so they are just templates… i need some nice portraits w/ side views and fronts… been looking a long time… cant find a good site… help!?

Heres a few

dude thnx you have access to awesome material btw =)


I have been in the process of migrating to linux, and did not have my latest bookmark file handy. In case these were not mentioned in the two threads I linked to, here a a few more, all people related:
***Click on All people in custody - do not use wildcards in name search fields, just a single letter T for instance to see all of the people whose last name starts with T. Click on the small images returned to see larger ones.

thnx dude =)

Regarding cartoon and anime references best ones are here