Good reminiscence

Blender + Octane render

I really like the cube-window thing. Is it extremely subdivided? I am asking because of all the protrusions I can see.

Hey Alvarocgi,

That’s displacement texture.

Ya i supposed it was, but I just wanted to clear it out! thanks!

It is a cool render but really abstract:P

I just have to ask since you talk about displacement texture and seem to have the same “sideeffects” with it. Could be wrong but what I mean is the black parts on the sides or seams. This looks like holes due to the displacement. This is what I get in a more extreme way when using it on 2 connecting sides. So I was wondering how to fix this since I never came across a tutorial adressing this and you as an advanced user clearly know how to control it. Result: very realistic window.

Hi Cart,

I’m a total newbie in Blender world but in this case Solidify modifier (thickness) improved the overall look of window (those black spots).

Thanx for the tip, will experiment with that. Great start for a newbie btw. Enjoy your weekend (mine is starting sticky and hot 32C):cool: