Good resource for figure modellers.

Stumbled on this book at the bookshop yesterday,

Anatomy for the Artist by Jeno Barcsay

Looks quite good, it has 142 full page pencil sketches of various parts of the human anatomy, including the skeleton, muscles, proportions, naughty bits, and even some walk / motion cycles!

Its reasonably priced too, under 20 UK Pounds.

Details here:

Book front cover image, here:

I’m certainly pleased with my purchase!


I have borrowed it from my library, haven’t taking time yet though to browse it…

Look at this page, too:

Loomis Online Anatomy for 3D artists:

Alright! I bought that book 4 years ago! It’s one of the best books out there for human anatomy reference. I am glad you made the purchase! Believe me, you are not going to be disapointed. :smiley: