Good resource to learn hard surface modeling?

Hey I’m new to blender it’s been 6-7 months now, I have a good grasp on things like environments basic models and textures… but I’m struggling very badly with hard surface models ( vehicles and curved surfaces), but I will not give up till I get it right! It would be great if you guys shard any valuable course or tutorials that can help me get better at this! And would boost my morale if I knew how long it took y’all to get better at Hard surface :sob: thanks :blush:

There really isnt a course that will teach you everything. That being said I would probably buy :wink: the hard surface course from Glab Alexandrov. I personally didnt watch the full course I just watched the things that interested me like some modifiers episodes. Other than that my advice is look at something cool then try to copy some of the design styles and make something your own. Like kitbashing but with YOU making the models. But there is some general advice that I would give. 1 if you have a bad pc or you want to make models for games than consider making a poly limit try to avoid using too many verticies which dont add anything to the model this also means you have to think about topology. But dont go into madness trying to make cylinders with 4 edges then adding smooth shading. 2. Learn to use the smooth shading
3. I would not recommend just having an idea and straight to modelling. Make a sketch or if you are like me then block the model out then add detail. This is annoying to do but its also one of the most important parts.
4. Dont make low quality models which dont make mechanical sense but look cool from a distance. While this techinque is easy and fast it drags the quality to a minimum
5. Take your time. My model without a rig and textures took me 5 months. I still made tons of mistakes and it still had poor design choices but now I know next time I start making something I should avoid those mistakes. The point is its gonna take -+ 4 years to become a blender ninja but once you are there then it will pay off, no single course is gonna teach you everything. Btw sr for my english

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Thanks man for the info will definitely put it to good use and yes I have told my self it will take time! Thankyou once again for taking the time to help out cheers!

Another tip : Use “Save As …” a lot.

When the model (or UV Map, or any other part of the process) is at a point that looks good, do a Save As… and work on that version.

If you accidentally make a bad decision and mess something up, you can go back to the previous version, do another Save As…, and pick up where you left off.

I have wasted lots of time trying to fix mistakes, rather that reverting back to an earlier version, and trying again.

I have a few tuts, just search my name con koumis.