Good retopology technique for 3d equivalent of Photoshop's Bevel-Emboss layer style?

I managed to get a good result using this info (How can you get Text Front Face Bevel like in Photoshop? - #5 by Salai_V_V1)

But, I want to reduce polycount.

Exoside quad remesh addon didn’t do a good job.

I guess I’m better of just doing manual retopology but I don’t know where to start.

Use Decimate modifiers to reduce the amount of edges and try Exoside quad remesh addon.

QuadriFlowRemesh on the blender also produces decent results.

rrew.blend (869.0 KB)

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Does this have to be actually 3D? If not, I’d bake it into a normal map and apply it on a single plane, no retopo required

Yeah, it’s for a 3d sign mockup.

Ok it doesn’t really need to be low poly but I’d prefer for it to be since it’s something I figure I should learn how to do.

You may try one of the tools mentioned here:

Or even some “extern tool” like so: