Good Robot!? 3D animated short film

Was doing some rigging tests in between work and ended up modelling a simple robot.
For some reason I just kept going and made this short teaser film.

Obviously the model and animation still needs a lot of work and the compression on youtube really did it’s thing but I thought I’d share it here anyway, eventually I want to develop this into a longer film.


Love it. So much great atmosphere. This robot has a lot of character and is very unique. I love your use of the different coloured lights. You should definitely continue!

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Thanks for your kind words! As a filmmaker I have paid more attention to framing, camera movement, lighting and colours. Next step is to improve the robot, rigging and animation, to be continued!

Your filmmaking skills show! I love how a single animation sequence can be used again and again by shooting from different angles, and animating the camera.Glad to hear you’re continuing.

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Thank you again! You may subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell to see new videos.
I’m posting different kinds of short films, not only 3D animations.

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