Good rpgs?

I really want to play a good rpg. I played Morrowind for awhile now, and i need a new one. Any that people here can recomend?


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

If you have an xbox fable is coming out in september.

If you’re an oldskool fan like me I’d suggest whipping up znes or snes9x and trying out final fantasy III, chrono trigger, or earthbound.



Mine goes with Valarking.
KOTOR rocked so hard. I played that thing out so hard I new every secret in the game. I went ULTRA dark and ULTRA light the 2 times i played it through all the way. I suggest picking that one up.

Final fanatasy all the way (except X-2 that one sucked :< )

I would suggest figruring out how your going to play FFXII :o :o :o :o o my thats all i can say everytime that name comes out i start drooling all over my keyboard. Made by the same team who did final fantasy tactics soooo this means awsome story line, awsome battle mode, awsome graphics so basicially start collecting your drool buckets now 'cause your going to need them.
And if your going for an online rpg then I can’t really recomend anything because other then the old old Ultima everything sucks. But if you can wait for November to come around I would suggest picking up the matrix online.

Final Fantasy VII is a must, it is an amazing game. My brother has played KOTOR and says that is excellent too (and since the second is coming out sometime, might be good to play the first one first :slight_smile: ).

I don’t have an xbox, though i’ve heard Fable is going to be one of the best rpgs of all time, i really wanted to try it out.

KOTOR looked pretty cool, i just never got my hands on it. I’ll have to see how much it is at the game store.

I never really got to much into the FF games, but then again I haven’t played any of them really for more than like 10 minutes. I think i might pick up FF VII (that is if it’s for PC) and try it out.

As for the old SNES rpgs, I’ve played Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and also a really good one: Secret of Mana. I love the realtime RPGs, not the turn based ones, though they’re ok too.

Another REALLY good RPG for GBA is Golden Sun and the sequel to it. I have to say it has the best graphics, sound, story, gameplay, and puzzles on the Game Boy Advance. Has anybody played this? If not, i’d get a GBA or an emulator and try it out, it owns.

Thanks for all the suggestions, keep em comin!


I’d never really played RPGs (just stuff like Diablo) until FFVII. I saw a friend playing it, then I got it (for PC) and it really is one of the best games ever. It comes with the coveted “Lupus’ Two Thumbs Up” award.

Can someone explain why people like RPGs so much? I have really tried to like them because it seems such a big genre but I find the graphics are never very good except for cutscenes and it takes so long to get anywhere. It’s the video game genre I like least.

However, I’ve played various incarnations of zelda, neverwinter nights, the sims, warcraft 3, black & white, diablo 2 and sacrifice to see if I would like any of them. I think I played black & white and one other one for more than a day.

I can’t honestly remember, which I thought was best. I think it was Sacrifice ( ) but I don’t know for sure. Whatever it was, it had a little dwarf in it who had grenades and a wizard who healed people (no doubt that describes quite a lot of RPGs). When I ran out of grenades, I just deleted the game. Diablo 2 had some nice fluid effects. I spent about 10 minutes jumping around in a little pond before (yup you guessed it) I deleted the game.

I’m never sure on the definition of an RPG. Most games you play some sort of role. If you think ICO is an RPG, then I’ve heard it’s very good - it’s the only RPG I’ve ever wanted. This website says it is an RPG and there are others listed on this site with ratings:

here’s a list of some PC RPGs with reviews:

as far as games, if i have a gun, im happy.

other than that, the only rpg i ever liked was ff XI

I think it is because you are delevoping a character (or more) and feel you get more reward from the work you put into it. In an FPS game or something you just get weapons generally, in RPGS you get many other things, and you gradually progress and can then accomplish something you couldn’t before. It isn’t just pure skill like taking out a big beastie in an FPS. You have to work your character up.

And in FFVII you have materia, which are basically rocks that contain magic, and depending on your armour and weapons you can mix materia to get some wild effects. Instead of just adding them into your gear and using the effects, you can do setups where , for example, if someone hits you, you counter attack with a special powerful blow, and steal health from them at the same time. And there is MUCh more you can do than that.

You also get to do a lot of exploring and generally there is a deeper storyline.

It’s because you have a short attention span.
I think Wack-A-Mole is more of your kind of game.

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Ah, thanks for the in depth description. I suppose people could enjoy doing that. I like that aspect of building stuff up like powers but I find a lot of fps, racing, adventure games etc. do that too. In games like Deus Ex for example. I think my favourite genre right now is racing as I have Midnight Club 2.

You don’t need to get a new game since you got it on the computer just download some mods for the game or make some. I don’t know much about it because i got it one xbox.

There ya go, Deus Ex is a good example. And if you liked that I’m sure we will like The new Vampire Masquerade game being built with the Source engine (Half-Life 2 engine).

That should be great :smiley:

Aha, so I do like RPGs. I didn’t think Deus Ex was an RPG because it’s played in first person, which I assumed put it under the category of FPS. When people say RPG, it conjures up images of Command & Conquer and such. Those games I don’t really like but I loved Deus Ex.

Command and Conquer is an RTS (real time strategy) not an RPG. Deus Ex is an FPS/RPG because, as you said it plays in first person view, but is still and RPG due to the character development and interaction with other characters.

Command and Conquer was an RTS ;). Morrowind, for example, is a first-person RPG.