Good rpgs?

Thief is a must play!

osxrules thought we were talking about RTS games.
Oh my god that’s priceless…


Anyone who owns a gamecube HAS to get Tales of Symphonia. Instant ban from Elysiun otherwise! :wink:

Martin OMG, I am feel like such a dumb-ass monkey.

Now people (or Valarking at least) are laughin’ at me

I got confused because Morrowind etc. has the same isometric view that RTS games usually have. Anyways, I don’t like RPGs that are isometric. I think that Star Wars one was isometric too. So is the sims an RPG or an RTS?

I find the title RPG quite ambiguous because as I said, you play a role in every game. Even in RTS, you play the role of the allies or the enemies or whatever.

If Ratchet & Clank counts as an RPG, it gets my vote.

haven’t played Ratchet and Clank but I qould guess that would be more of an action/platformer type game.

RPG’s usually are games that allow the user to develop the character(s) and their skills. In all games your are playing some sort of role. Sims would be an RPG of sorts. Character development can be through something like levels (most common) or a different sytem. Not all RPG’s are necessarily dependent on levels or upgrading skills etc. so there’s a little ambiguity. Usually very focused on story and plot (not Sims of course)

RTS games are more based on real time command, usually of a military force. These focus more on strategy and tactics, macro and micro management, economy etc. There are military RTS and some that try to involve politics and nationbuilding as well. Most RTS games have an isometric view or 3d overhead view beacuse that generally allows for the greatest amount of view and control.

Some games are cross genre. Warcraft III is an RTS that incorporates some RPG elements (not the first). Dues Ex was an FPS that incorporated some RPG elements as well.

anways, KOTOR was great. I really liked how you had so much choice in the game with dialogue and gameplay options.

FFVII is a no brainer.
If you don’t already know the story, its great.

as far as FF goes I actually like FFVI (FFIII in the US) a tad better. Can’t nail down exactly why. Heh I still have a SNES cartridge and a working SNES :stuck_out_tongue: . Those are probably a bit hard to find so if you want to play it you could jsut get a ROM version.

I honestly couldn’t stand FFVIII though. I normally struggle through games that I don’t particularly like, but I just dropped this game on the third disc (don’t know why I went that far, I guess I was just hoping that it would get better) because I really, really did not care what happened to the characters or what the ending was. The Draw implementation of magic was really bad and shallow IMO. They tried to make it deeper with Junction (which was pretty cool I admit), but it really didn’t pan out into something fun like espers or materia.

ok, I’ll shut it now :slight_smile:

I’m not really laughing at you osxrules, I’m laughing that your one error spawned a whole set of replies that you didn’t deserve. That’s great.

Ratchet and Clank isn’t a RPG

Oh well, at least it shows that some people take time to read posts before replying - Kansas15 take note. :smiley:

Well there ye go, I’ve well and truly demostrated my ineptitude for defining game genres. %|

I still think it’s ambiguous though:

One site says

In fact, ‘Ratchet & Clank’ may be the first platform-action-shooting-RPG to grace the PS2… or any other system.

Genres gets a bit muddled when developers incorporate so many elements into a game. GTA for example.

Ratchet and Clank is a platformer. That’s all.

KOTOR is a definite must. A little too linear for my play style, I like the morrowind “do anything you bloody well please”-style better, but that’s just my opinion.