Good screen recorder for BGE??

what is a good screen recorder for the bge with a high framerate,and what settings should it be set to? (I use GLSL,if u need 2 know)

Fraps? :confused: or you could try cam studio, both work well :slight_smile:

I use fraps, it has great quality and awesome framerate, but puts out huge file sizes of uncompressed avi. that’s fine though, that’s where video editing comes into play. i use sony vegas to render them as wmv’s or something. still ends up with really good quality

i used camstudio on the GE but it made stuff pretty laggy, so I only use it for recording multiple windows.

Agreed, Fraps.

I use Fraps for game capture but I just tried some tutorial like capture and not so good! Fraps will only capture one application at a time while the app or game is running :frowning:
It won’t capture everything that’s on the screen!

I have had Virtual Dub for a long time and didn’t even know it could capture, it does capture everything that’s on the screen!
Good to know.

with virtualdub also in capture mode, with compression using any installed codec, with tons of options. but its a bit less intuitive

I’ve always used gtk-recordmydesktop. It outputs Ogg Theora, but you can easily convert those to whatever you like with VLC. Works really well for me (good framerate), but I have a pretty fast system.

The other option (if your game does not have sound) is to use the makeScreenshot() function in bge.render and output a uniquely numbered image every frame. Afterward, compile them into a movie using appropriate software. I haven’t done this before, so I can’t be more specific, but I seem to recall that mpan3 posted how to do this a few years ago.

I use to make it with FFMPEG, but it only works on Linux, but so well

I used CamStudio Free, but that’s pretty old now, I think. ScreenHunter’s free (Windows). Here’s the link.
EDIT: Found a free cross-platform video editor here - ZS4. It’s free for personal use.
EDIT 2: Wow, never mind - it’s free for any kind of use. Nice.

Meh. Didn’t like ZS4 - it wasn’t very user-friendly, and ScreenHunter Free doesn’t actually capture the screen to video, just to images. Bleh. Well, the VLC Media Player captures the screen (apparently, doesn’t seem like it would, but it appears to be a feature). I found a list of a comparison of screencasting software here.

i use “take screen lite”, it however cant record from a mic. but i just use my itouch and then sync em in editing
you can see some of the vids here :

FlashDemo Screen Recorder is a very good choice