Good Skin Tutorials???

Dont suppose anyone knows some good links to tutorials on creating realistic skin textures for uv texturing? also, some tutorials on how to map the skin would be good too. thanks for any help!

The best that I have seen is here…

But actually, for BLENDER exclusively, I haven’t found one. I gave up a few months ago.

Hi there,
I was at this site tonight and thought that it may be of some help to you.

Happy Skinning!

There are actually quite a few excellent tutorials out there on setting up a SSS skin layer setup in Blender.

Here’s one by Victor Malherbe that was featured in the BlenderArt magazine:

Then Ben Simonds have created a tutorial with very promising results on his blog:

Ben also has a lot of other very educative blog post, I highly advice people to read his blog.

He also just recently has created a serie over at Blender Cookie focusing solely on creating a SSS three layer skin setup, paining each layer:

Good luck :smiley:

Great Links Artorp!

I checked them out and put them in my repertoire! By the way, the link []( that) that Spin refers to is dead, I checked it out on Bing.

Thanks Again!