Good smoke settings for burning building?

Basically, ive been trying to use the smoke sim on a building to make it look as if its burning…i cant seem to get a good result tho…and im struggling to get the affect i want. Im new to the smoke sim…soo :confused: Ive followed a couple of andrew price tutorials, but none of them get the result im looking for…Im trying to recreate an affect similar to that which was seen on the Twin Towers (Awful event, but it is a good reference to what im after)

Does anyone know of some decent tutorials on this, and also some good settings for the particle system. Thanks
BTW. Im not trying to recreate 9/11…just to make that clear! :slight_smile:

Hi. What settings do you currently have and how does the result look like (pic)?
Usually you have density scale and scattering 4-6 and emission around 8.
But depends on your the simulation and voxel texture settings…

Ive had a little play about now and have come up with this:

Its better, but now i cant seem to get the smoke to be fully controlled by the particle system…ive already worked out that im going to need multiple smoke sims…but how do i get the smoke to stay the size of the plane controlling the particles? it always seems to end up really big, regardless of the size of plane its being emitted from :confused: