Good streaming video services?

Hello everyone,
I do not have a television anymore thanks to the $75.00 a month bill for basic cable. I also do not have room for one in my small studio.

I was wondering if you guy’s could help list some free video sites.
I have already exhausted:

  • YouTube
  • Google Video
  • Veoh {This was a scam, they wanted me to download some player that probably had malware.}
  • GUBA
  • Revver
  • PeekVid
  • South Park Studios
    I mainly like to watch documentaries and educational programming.Every once in a while I like stand up comedy. On a rare occasion I will watch a fictional movie, but not very often. Fiction boars me.

Please do not list illegal sites. I am also very aware of all the P2P applications out there. I do not want any trouble with the law.

I would love to see some Fawlty towers, or Monty Python’s flying circus. I think British comedy is very keen.

Thank you.

Try this,

has lots of legal sites

There is and also (mainly animation specifically flash and flash games)

most of the channels you liked on cable have websites where you can watch some of their shows online. infact i warch most of the networkshows online rather than on tv, you can pause it and only watch 3 comercials the entire episode. i can also watch them on my scheduel.

a nice list with alot of links.

lots of stuff from tv to movies, and its not illegal, since it links its streams to other sites, and has none of the content on site. has full episodes of popular TV shows like The Simpsons, The Office, and Battlestar Galactica. They also stream quite a lot of feature-length films as well.

Thank you very much Mmph, Lost in space, rdo3,LostClimateGame, Rocketman!

Now I can relax at night and do non-interactive entertainment before I go to bed.
This is very cool 8)

Thanks for all the great resources. I will have try some of them out.