good texture res and other ?'s

hey all,

whenever i see WIPS i also see people giving advice to find a high res texture.

what is the best resolution to use to have exellent quality, but not slowing down a render.

also, i saw an ad for “total textures” on is this any good and worth buying? I can’t seem to find free seamless texztures that I need. if there is a free seamless texture source that has good high res textures, could someone give a link.


not sure bout a resource on them but you can download thegimp and use its make seamless filter. it shoudl work on grass and bricks etc. has a texture cd but im not too sure of its contents

thanks for the input, hydravien

has anyone purchased this cd and has a review for it?

edit: what about resolution?

edit 2: I cant find the cd on

One time I bumped into this site. Has some ok textures, IMO.
-high res textures, not sure how many are seamless if any