Good things for Blender Newb to model?

I’m a Blender noob, looking for good subjects to model. I hate following tutorials step by step, as I feel I’m only really copying, but things like Motorbikes and Planes are still far too complex. What are some things I can model, that will get me really used to Blender and the way it works, without being too complex? Sorry if this is a weird question.

Start with basics. I gave a simple demo at a local community group and started with a box, which I then made into a blocky table. Then I used just a few basic commands to add detail to the table and turn it into something nicer. Basically, inset, extrude, loop cut, bevel the ‘circle’ action of the loop tools and on and a mirror modifier.

One of the hardest parts of 3d modeling is finding references. I would suggest starting a thread in the “work in progress” section and then start modeling anything that is near you, start with the simplest object first and then work your way up to more complex objects. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be ready to start over often, trail and error is one of the best ways to improve.

Did a quick video showing how to turn a cube into a basic, then more detailed table. Hope it gives you some help. :slight_smile: