Good TIPS for an render ( animation), rendered in blender 2.5

Hi everybody
I have to make an animation in blender 2.5, i asign all the materials to the whole place, ( very big file imported from autocad) , a little complex structure, and the problem is that render take lot time( even if is about 5 seconds this first video).
Can anybody give me some tips for a render more quick,*(properties configuration) and not wait so much time, because the animation it will be probably a path of the camera for a 10 rooms of a museum.
Any sugestion guys? a appreciate a lot all your help, u save me a lot with my projects in blender


can you show me a screen shot of your file?
so that I can get an idea of your scene scale.


I use camera clipping to render large scenes,may be you can try that method .
I am attaching a file may be that will help you.

There are quite a few threads on this site about optimizing render times. But you can try the basics. Like use less lights. For the lights that you do use, turn off cast shadows. Just use one sun lamp with shadows on. Do not use soft shadows. Do not use reflections. If you use reflections, do not use glossy reflections. Try a lower OSA. 5 is the lowest, I wish it went down to 3. Render at a smaller size. Use a faster computer that has more cores. Use multiple computers simultaneously rendering different parts of your frame range.

I am sure you can find more tips as well. Try the search feature of this site.