good trick to deform mesh with an Illustrator like bloat / fisheye effect?

In Illustrator when you use the fisheye effect you can make the object
inflate or deflate and the corner edges stay put. This is different then the
typical photoshop fisheye lens effect.

I am curious if anybody knows a decent way how to make this fast
without using the lattice system - which I have the feeling in Blender 2.4 is the
only way how to do something like this.

Technically possible but it would require quite a lot of hand adjustment steps.

Any idea? Scripts? Modifier combinations?

You could try the proportional editing tool.

Use sphere or root offset, then select a vertice (or a few vertices) in the middle and then scale the model.

Snap I forgot to mention that I used the proportional edition before.

The problem is that the matrix I have here is 4 unites wide and 3 unites tall.
The proportional editing tool however has a circular influence pattern which makes it not work.

I would try to use a cube that’s been subdivided once so that each side is made up of four faces. Then I’d use that as a mesh deform modifier. When it’s how I like it, I could then apply the modifier and delete the new cube object.

to bad that there is not a simple inflate deflate modifier effect for the simple deform stack.
this would be really nice to have.

Hi Loop

I played a bit with the mesh deformer - not a bad way to do.
In the past I had sometimes binding issues for some reason.

But if the control mesh cube is also subdivided the inflate - deflate effect
is actually getting quite good. Not ideal yet because the corner points still
move as well, same with lattice - and the vertex group in case used makes
those corner points then stick out visually a lot.


try it with cloth and stick the corners

might work better!

happy 2.5

I might try that.

I found the meshdeform still to be somewhat buggy often the precision settings have to be changed
to get something to work. It is like playing Russian roulette.

i did something like that shape with a cloth for a sail and applied strong wind and it took this shape!LOL

this might work for you too!

but this is in 3D not 2D!

happy 2.5

the PET tool works great for me.