Good tutorials about the 'principles' of unwrapping?

Hi there!

I’m finally starting to play with textures and such, and I found a lot of great video tutorials about the ‘how-to’ aspect of it… Press this, do that… etc…

But I didn’t come across any basic tutorial that teaches you how to ‘think’ when placing seams… :spin:

Do you guys know of a good tutorial about the strategic placement of seams please? :slight_smile:

Well, there’s this one. For Maya though, and it costs.

Thank you, but I was thinking of something more… I don’t know… Accessible maybe?! :smiley:

Unfortunately one of the greatest weaknesses of FOSS is the lack of documentation and training. There’s lots of great training for Blender but as you’ve mentioned it’s mostly specific how-tos rather than more general understanding. Have a look at the credentials of the guy who developed that tutorial. No one with that experience is using Blender. I personally think it’s one of the biggest issues Blender needs to face to become mainstream.

I’m sure we’ll get there eventually, and sooner rather than later! :wink:

Oh this looks sweet… Just hope jonathan will go into some detail, specifically about seams!

Thanks man! :wink:

The way I learned (am learning) uv unwrapping was to just sit down one saturday and start with a cube. I would play with different seams, different views, then I moved to a sphere, then to the monkey, then I started making shapes and playing with those.

Eventually it starts to make sense.

Yep! That’s what I finally figured! (Is this correct english by the way? :D) It is for MAX though but is really comprehensive and you can download the scene as an .obj and follow along in Blender.

Thanks! I’ll check this as soon as I can! Looks promissing… :slight_smile: