Good Tutorials?

Ok… im pretty new and i was wondering if there was any good game tutorial videos with Voice Overs or just text tutorials because so far i only know how to make a basic Maze game


Or you could have a look at Blendenzo’s tutorials sticky.

ive tried the Noob-Pro book but the game engine stuff is WAAAAYYY to easy…

Then what are you looking for? You gotta start small and work your way up!

i Dont reaally know… so far i know how to use the keyboard to move things around and some basic modelling, making physics objects and ragdolls, so anything a bit more advanced then them… ive made 1 game which was a basic one level maze but i didnt see the point in making other levels

:DMy site

Heh, but at the moment it’s still semi-premature (there are some good tutorials there). Check back in a few months or so and I should have up a few more tutorials targeted at making certain type of games. There’ll definitely be a few more advanced tutorials here and there that’ll help in game creation.

Jason Lin

Read the Blender Game Reference if you haven’t already.

You mean blengine’s tutorial sticky?

Also, I highly recommend goldentaiji’s tutorials (the link is in his post). His were some of the first tutorials I found early on.

You’ll find a lot of great stuff at as well as Don’t forget to check out Doc Holiday’s stuff at (it’s in German, so you may need to use Google translate to understand it).

Also, may I humbly suggest the tutorials at my own site:

Whoops, close enough.

I’d seen ur site before Blendenzo and the vertex parenting helped quite a bit because i was trying to make a small kind of marble game but it looked kinda stupid when the ball couldnt rotate