good videogames

What makes a videogame good?I would like to know your opinions.I think it is different levels of difficulty and beautiful environments to explore.Tell me some videogames that are good and what makes them good?

I like the whole Oddworld saga… I don’t know if there’s someone who could tell what makes them nice to play…

Does the game have a lot of things you have to figure out?What about the the environments how good do they look?

I personally think what makes a good video game is the style and design,the more bizarre the graphical look of the game is the more it makes me feel excited to play it.
Another thing is gameplay,the game even if simple needs to have fun or addictive gameplay which contains medium or large minutes/hours of non-repetitive gameplay for example like jetpack joyride or Puppeteer PS3

Don’t you think randomly generated environments are fun?

I think they are fun, for example minecraft is one example of a very huge and fun game with randomly generated environments.
But randomly generated environments might not work for every single game,so I prefer to have already designed and modeled level with lots secrets levels.

Your question is waaay too broad to answer succinctly; I’m sure there are dozens of classes just on this topic.

What I love are imaginative graphics (not necessarily high quality, but original/imaginative), a good sound track including SFX, and enough randomization to make a second playthrough fun. The actual gameplay mechanics vary on what type of game it is.

I think the main factor is how much of a time investment the game is. Something like Doom is fun because I can pick it up on a ten minute break, blast through a few levels, and get back to work. Or even if you spend a few hours at a time playing, there’s not much planning ahead. On the other hand, you have story driven games or RPGs, like the Elder Scrolls games, which require planning ahead, management of supplies and stuff. You lose a lot of the value if you play in five minute chunks.

Then there are individual mechanics of each genre, SP or MP, etc. Personally, I love co-op tactical shooters, so I look for good AI, non-linearity and realistic gun handling. But none of those effect a point and click adventure game, which is all about ambiance, puzzles, and plot.

What is the best firstperonshooter with randomly generated environments?

Could you stay on topic please?

There’s some good games out there, but at the moment I don’t really play them enough. There are some lists you can look up, like top 50 games etc.

“One must first experience the rough to appreciate the smooth”.

Some games have atmosphere, visual style, impressive graphical effects and a great musical score. However, they will over look the one thing that truly matters: a playable and well designed game.

A good case study is Shadow of the Beast for the Amiga(and many more formats). It had all of the above but the game itself was very poor due to its collision detection, level design and instantly killing the player when they reached the boundary of the game world.

Its little things like those that can turn a good game into a poor one. A modern day example of SOTB is Aliens: Colonial Marines. Poor collision detection, AI, Aliens getting stuck in the walls, players suddenly killed or Aliens standing still waiting for the player to head-shoot them. A lot was made of its poor graphics and story, but those could be forgiven if the game itself was at least well designed and fun to play.

Once you have the game itself then you can worry about the icing on the cake…

the environments are … well … I don’t know just something “original” and nice, and it also has LOTS of secrets.

-because of it’s… idk, it’s idea, simplicity and complexity at the same time
so yeah - gameplay
… played through several times but I keep finding something new and exciting every time…

This is a pretty wide open question. The answer really depends on what you hope to accomplish with the game. Do you want to sell millions of copies or would you rather make a game that appeals to a smaller but more loyal fan base? All good games have a few things in common of course though.

  1. The game must engage the player; make them want to keep playing.
  2. The game should be able to run smoothly on the target audiences hardware(if you want a wider audience, you need to make a game that plays on low end systems as well as high end.

Really those are the big ones in my mind. The rest is up to who the game is targeted for. I personally wish there were more adventure games, like Myst/Riven. I got into learning blender because I wanted to make worlds for URUlive. I like games that have a deep story and characters with some depth. Games for me are most enjoyable when they are like a good book. If you’d like some practice at making games and such you might check out Download the game and see what can be done with relatively little resources. That core game is over 10 years old and is still beautiful. Here is the main page for “age creators”. I haven’t been there in quite some time though. I hope it hasn’t died off.

I am mostly a halo,halflife and resistance fall of man fan.So it would be boring to me if you could not shoot anything.

As for me, i like Lara Croft game. Just look, the graphic there is perfect, it is always pleasant to play with good graphic, right?

yes is always pleasant to play with good graphic but if it has not a interesting story is boring play it!!

I like gta 5 and other open world games, basically because I don’t like to be stuck in 1 level or with 1 objective, I like to be able to do whatever I want in a videogame.
Also I like games with correct physics for characters and everything, I care mainly about how it moves not how it looks like.

Fallout :smiley: - wins in all categories but multiplayer :frowning:

planetside 2 is fun, when your ping is good :smiley:

I think, a good game designer gives his players continuous challenges, each of which leads to another challenge, to keep them “hooked” on playing a game. This can be done by setting clear, short-term goals appropriate to the level of the player and the context within the game. Each challenge should satisfy some kind of learning objective.