good walking armature

my question is simple please tell me how to make my characters feet stick to the ground useing constraints such as copy location and floor or if theres a better way pleas do tell.
Im sick of doing this manually.

Seriously, does anyone know how to solve this or are you just ignoring me?
At least least tell me I’m dumb and send me a link to something that explains how to do it

  1. Would you like your character to follow a terrain, or what would you like to achieve? It is pratically impossible to make this automatic (AFAIK).
  2. You’re probably not dumb :cool:
  3. Do you know

You could set up a hidden path that shapes the floor

ok I gave the first tut a shot and this is what I got. and it still seems a little off.
first a of all I dont what his feet to just stay in plance and strech when he is lifted off the ground. second he seems rather twitchy and his knees are just unatural.
someone help a little more please.

Hello is anyone alive out there?

did you try the improved foot rig instructionsas well?

Your rig seems ok other than the feet not following and the knee bones being very close to the rig. I would move them further away from the knees, or parent them to the foot handle that you named 1 and 2.

Also, I would check out Calvin’s foot rig. It’s a bit more versatile than the BSOD rig, although a little more difficult to set up.

For the floor constraint, there was a little discussion about that in this threada couple weeks ago.

Hope that helps

well it was a little like pulling teeth but I think that just about fixs my problem thanks for the help. now animating thing wont be like passing though the fire.:wink: