Good way to animate melting a block of ice?

What’s a good way to animate a quickly melting block of ice? I’ve not had much luck using the fluid sim, but maybe I’m using the wrong settings.

Thank you!

If you don’t like fluid simulations, you could perhaps also play with shape keys, or softbody simulations if you don’t need any droplets.


I guess it depends how much time you want to spend animating the melting ice!
The longest way would be to hand animate each frame so that the melting mesh is reduced exactly as you would like it.

The fastest way would be to set the start frame and the end frame and let Blender interpolate the melting
For example, {lunch time test}

Here a cube is scaled down - key framing the scale from full to final size
To add some variety, there is a displacement on the cube, which has an animated strength that goes from small to large and then back to small again
This works because the cube is scaled so the same peaks in the displacement stay in the same place on the cube
The cube is also in the hands of the rigid body sim that keeps the scaled cube on the surface and bounces it around a little.
And there is a little fluid sim underneath, though it was a one off attempt and I would improve it given an opportunity

Hope this helps