Good way to fix bad topology?

I’m trying to fix a very bad topology and I don’t know any better way, I thought about adding a circle and join all the vertices.

You’d be better planning a bit ahead when making something like this. You have 5 smaller holes, so why not base your larger circle on a multiple of 5? I used 20 verts for example


The best way to fix the problem is to not create the problem in the first place :slight_smile: Really the best thing to do is plan out the overall shape while accounting for the later details.

Start with a circle that can support 5-way symmetry, so something with segments divisible by 5. Probably 15 is the absolute minimum number you can start with in this particular case. Then add 2 edge loops to constrain the details where you want them:

Inset + Regularize (loop tools -> circle operator):

Tweak rotation and position and then you’re done:

[EDIT] Beaten ^ :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, I use to just model without thinking I might plan a little bit before then…

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Should I try to make all quads or triangles are ok? is for game asset and I’m having weird topology that makes loop cut go around my mesh several times…

Best practice, I think, is to try and stick to all quads when modelling. Most game engines however deal with triangles though and if you look at any model assets from actual games you will see they are triangulated. They won’t have been modelled that way though.