Good way to fluidly play a video with sound in the Game Engine


Is there a way to fluidly play a video for example a cutscene in the bge without lagging? Animated video texture would’nt work… Is there any way?
Thanks a lot,

You’d have to seperate the sound and the video, and play them seperately, using videotexture and sound actuator.

Is there no way to extract the sound and place the video sound in the sound stream in the same way the videotexture module does with video to allow sound on videos? (I don’t develop the source, so don’t shoot me down if that was a load of sh-- you know…)

Videotexture actuator? I’m using blender 2.5, is it in there?

I tried the videotexture module, it is incredibly bad and not good enough to play a video fluidly…

sorry, I meant videotexture (script) and sound (actuator)

There are issues with it, but it’s all we have atm