Good Web Hosts?

I was wondering if you guys know of any good web hosting.
In particular, I am looking for a host for my (soon-to-be) animation, and I don’t have time to fool around with crappy hosts…

Thanks in advance %|

I have to suggest Yahoo, as much as I hate to say it. My experiences with Yahoo have been great, and their new offerings are very competitive with great service.

The only exception wasn’t Yahoo’s fault, in which someone claimed incorrect information about a web domain transfer that upon IP tracking was entirely caused by someone in another country that apparently could not follow menus.

Even after the other party completely screwed everything, including my access to the domain, Yahoo worked with me to correct the problem. It took a long time, but not once did they refuse to help. They actually went way overboard to help me, which is very unusual.

I consider that a sign on a good provider with great service, even though I personally hate massive corporations taking over the areas of possible small businesses…

I have to suggest Yahoo, as much as I hate to say it. My experiences with Yahoo have been great, and their new offerings are very competitive with great service.[/quote]
what? can you provide us a link, because last I checked [it has been perhaps over a year, maybe 2] yahoo only had paid versions of geocities, which were costing at least double what I saw elsewhere

but then again, I currently don’t have a web host of my own to play with [need a website first…], so my comments can’t be taken as having much meaning

but had some good deals, I don’t think they still do [they had one of their higher plans for $5/month for several years]

I looked at, they seem pretty good

but the best I see this second [not that I look very hard] is

again, as I said, I don’t have experience really with any of these, but I know people whom have used each of them [and they haven’t claimed problems about them to me]

I have Not the best but its cheap and offers a lot of stuff. I haven’t had too many problems with them that were worth canceling my service over. What are your requirements?

Well, I was looking for something free if there was such a thing,
I don’t really need a web host, just a place to host my animation, about 100MB whould be good…

highly highly unlikely

that is, unless you can host it yourself [and encourage others to do the same]

if there is enough demand for your file, bittorrent would be something to look into

well, now that we’re on the common topic of free web hosts I merely have to post search results:

This site offers 50MB free and ftp so it’s easy to upload stuff:

I’ve tried nearly all the free ones out there and sad to say, geocities and lycos are the best I found. Geocities only offers 15MB, which wasn’t nearly enough for me as I have animations too. So I went to lycos.

However, lycos puts an ad bar on your page, which geocities doesn’t do and I got an email recently saying that lycos will now require your site to have so many hits per month or they’ll remove it.

Lycos also doesn’t support hotlinked files but images are ok. I think it’s the same with geocities. Until recently you couldn’t even hotlink images.

The other problem with free sites is you get quite low bandwidth per month. That means that if you have big animations like up to 50 MB, you might hit your monthly allowance quick and your site will go offline till the next month.

If you have bandwidth to spare like 256kb+ connection, you might want to just host your site on your home computer. That way you have no bandwidth or hotlinking problems. But, you might have security problems.

100mb free
FTP transfer
…did i mention free?

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by the way i checked the site but did not see anything about 100mb for free are you sure this is still offered

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Look on for some good ones. I tell you, there are some amazing things there. :wink:

how long in seconds is this 100Mb animation?

because if its anything less than 15-20 minutes don’t even think about it LOL.

a 2 hour movie should be about 700Mb.

if the file is about 20-40 Mb then try asking bobthevirus here for hosting. he runs as part of the Blender Gallery hub.

you can access his site through the tabs at the top.


A good portion of the websites that I have done stuff for have been through Our LAN party page uses it, our development group uses it, and now I used it for my web page. 1GB storage, 5GB bandwidth a day, server is fast and I’ve never had a problem with it. Plus it has ftp, php, mySQL, free domain registration. $90~ for 14 months. So, it’s about $6.50 a month with all of the fixings.

I would highly recommend it. Be sure you mentioned me as a referral :D.

Well… THE BEST FREE HOST AROUND is But the only downside is that you have to post and then request hosting.

There is also and you don’t have to post but you have to request it. The more you post, however, the more space and bandwidth you get.

all good free hosts eventually come to an end. It a sad fact of life.
I’ve tried EVERY free host there is, and none worked, one way or the other. The best host I’ve ever gottern was a paid host, and that’s what I’m using now.

If anyone wants to sign up, use this link.
I’ll get $65 for referring you, and you’ll get the same service you normally would.

Oh yeah:
2 GB storage
Free domain
1000 free emails
75 GB/mo transfer
20 subdomains

and lots of other stuff. Check it out:

Anyway, that’s my healthy dose of advertising for the day. :slight_smile:

Point your cursor over to ClickHereFree, and take a gander.