Good websites to list your game on?

Basically just wondering what some good websites (outside of social media) would be to list/share your game on, to let more people play/be aware of it?
Off the top of my head I know a couple such as and, but I don’t know many others.
Also what is your experience with the sites that you have used?


I am using , but it doesn’t appear to be popular…

IndieDB is great

Tigsource is a decent place to go. That’s where Notch posted his first ever Minecraft demo all those years ago, and look at him now!

Steam Greenlight Concept is a good place, too. Concept is different from Greenlight in that it’s only for gathering feedback about your game, and is basically a way to market-test it. It’s also free (relatively; it requires that you have a Steam account and have purchased at least one game with that account, which I’d assume that you have) and doesn’t require that $100.00 USD fee that full Greenlight requires, but any votes you get in Concept won’t carry over to Greenlight. So use it only for getting the feedback you want.

And yeah, obviously social media is a good place, too. There are lots of Facebook pages and Twitter tags for indie games. You could also get your own website set up, and link to it in your blogs or forum signature of other forums you visit, to get some extra traffic!

Tigsource is good but you’ve got to be active there to get any feedback. There’s hundreds of users with accounts and hundreds of games that are in various levels of completeness. If you give a lot of useful feedback and help to others they will probably return the interest.

The same goes any site I think. Good Networking is almost as important as having a good game.

I read a really good blog post about this by a professional game developer yesterday. I’ll post a link when I find it.
There’s a part two as well. Both are worth reading. he talks about why his first game was a failure and why the second was almost a failure. And why knowing why some games fail is as important as knowing why others succeed.