Good workflow to build "Actions library" of a character usable in other scenes

Hey :slight_smile:

I have a character ready to animate.

I want to be able to append this character and its actions library (walking, running, sitting etc) in different scenes, with the less amount of calculation possible (i.e in the viewport, but also to render a scene).

Do you have a good workflow for that ? Here are my first thoughts (this is probably not accurate) :

  1. Make an action, like walking, for a given number of frames. Lets say 160.
  2. Bake physics (mdd export, and cache modifier) from frame 10 to 160, so that I begin the action with stabilized physics effects, giving me 5seconds of animation at 30fps/sec.
  3. Bake textures from frame 10 to 160.
  4. Bake the quick rig animation from frame 10 to 160.

I don’t even understand how baking animation and physics works (I’ve made a post on that subject, anyway), but then, I don’t know if it is possible to “store” all of these bakings.
The goal would be to append these bakings in other scenes as a “Walking animation pack” for example, allowing me to work on a scene with a pre-animated character (with cloth physics !), involving much less CPU/GPU usage while working on a scene.
As you’re probably thinking, I imagine a different blend file for each scene, which is probably not the best workflow.

I’m completely new to that step, I would gladly take any advice you have. :slight_smile:

PS: Please tell me if my english is not understandable.

I’ve figured it out. I’ll post the complete workflow in a matter of days !

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