Goodbye comp (light bulb suicide)

Just got done with this render for the blenderguru comp.

very nice…

excellent, reminds me of Threadless designs. Honestly it doesn’t need the arms or legs, but it works either way. Good job.

Thats tragic…

But really awesome!!! :smiley:

Great job, it’s refreshing to see some creativity.

Thanks for the kind words. It was a pretty simple design based on some other designs I seen on the Web. So I can’t take all the credit for the base design.

Amazing Idea!!!

I love it.


Nicely done! Humor is a beautiful thing.

Great idea. Looks fantastic!

Very nice! Love it!

wonderful…love it.

Absolutely awesome. I just love the idea! :smiley:

One note though, is the aliasing due to the forum image rezising? If not, it’s something you should fix… :stuck_out_tongue:

It is due to resizing.

Thank you all for the great comments.

Levi!! Glad to still see you out there bending vertices! I was just reminiscing about our past efforts with another Blender user, when I came across this thread. Saw the image in the comp submissions, and never realized it was you. Very nice work, and a great idea.

Blast from the (not so distant) past:

Its good to see your work man, keep it up!

hey nice theme…he is still alive though

I love it. I love the little starflares, and the arms and legs and characterization. And I love the humor. Is this Cycles or BI?
And now I feel oddly depressed. Poor lightbulb.
This would make a great animated character. A lightbulb who knows that, eventually, he’ll just pop and go out. Gives him a very human character, as humans are supposed to be the only animals that know they will die. You could have the lightbulb be really hung up on the idea, constantly dreading it.

Lol thanks fo the kind words. This is done with cycles because I needed the glass to refract somewhat realistic. Color corrected in photoshop cs4. Thanks for the feedback.