Goodbye Summer

Hi there, this is my first project. I’ve been experimenting with Blender for over ten years now, but have never worked on something, you could call a project. With 2.8 coming out, I wanted to change that, so I made something in honour of summer ending and fall being just around the corner. I didn’t want to do anything too special. Just a quick project. Actually it took me quite some time longer than expected.

It’s called (what would you suppose): “Goodbye Summer” :wink:

Feel free to criticize whatever you think there is to criticize. :slight_smile: This is my first project, still, so there’s a lot to learn for me.


This is cool. I like the glow around the child and on the grass, also the ocean looks quite realistic. The only thing I can offer would be to perhaps blend the grass more by either adding some other smaller grasses, more variation (weeds etc.), or just totally ditching the little patches and having a defined line from grass to sand would look good I think. Very good, especially for a first project. Also, the sun looks a little blown out, try using false color to check for hotspots. :+1:

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