This is my entry to Blender Cookie’s Halloween (Fall) 2013 Contest: The Halloween Classics (

Attempting to fuse majority of the classics (Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, The Mummy, Dracula, the modern Vampire, and an epitome of the evil witch) in one character. It did prove to be very challenging, let alone the technical hurdles I had to overcome (and learn from) to conclude this piece.

Here are some close-up shots:

And to top it off, here’s a video:

As always, I would love to hear what the community thinks about this and would appreciate constructive comments.

Thanks a lot for viewing.

Happy Halloween to all! :slight_smile:


Tools: Blender, GIMP, Cycles
Texture References:, Creative Commons Library

Wow, very artistic and spooky!

koRn puppets inspiration? :smiley: very nice!

Thanks, guys. :wink:

Yeah that is some cool stuff there! I think ur dof is a bit too extreme though on the pic of the little ragdoll. Makes it look almost faked in Ps. Just my opinion.

Can’t help it. I’m a huge fan of super mega heavy shallow DoFs, even in real-world photography. Perhaps my love for macro is going beyond normal? :wink:

Thanks, Brent.


Awesome looking… But it`s hard to figure out what is it…
I noticed the puppet, insect and the bolts but what are they standing on?
Great stuff anyway!

Standing on a face I’m pretty sure.

I totally saw an upside down porcupine taking a nap.

And so am I. :wink:

Nice work, Reyn. As always. I love the DOF and the textures are incredible. These pictures give me the creeps. :wink: (in a good way)

The dof is awesomely overdone!

Thanks, guys. Funny how this DoF is getting so much attention. :wink:

If this was in real world, it would’ve cost me so much to purchase that sick lens. :slight_smile:


Not true. Look into reverse macro. You too can have a focal point a hair widths wide. 11 bucks on ebay for the adapter. Just flip ur lens around and wala crazy macro. I have a lot of pics I have shot using this technique on my deviant page. Search for me there “BrentNewton” Just look through my crap until you see the really close up shit.

Hmmm, interesting. Thanks for the share.

Nice work! Constructive criticism? hmm maybe was “creepier” to render the insect inside the nose instead of the one in open space or add some kind of sinister lighting from inside that head, but the mood would be totally different…You mentioned some technical hurdles, what where the biggest?

It mostly has something to do with scene optimization. One of which is learning how to keep the particle strands’ render steps not too high or Blender would have to crash due to memory overload.


I really like your scene, it’s not just nice render it tells a story that makes you wonder what really happened there.

you always rock my boat

Thank you! I’m glad you felt the same way. :slight_smile: