Goofing on Project Orange.......More To Come

More to Come
I decided it would be a good time to take a break from these animations for November and come back in December with some new stuff. It will give me a chance to take a break, and give Orange a break too. It will hopfully give me time to collect more photos for future animaitons. Dont get comfortalbe Orange, their is more to come :smiley: :< :smiley: muhahahaha

Using the photos from the Orange Project site I put together a few goofing animations. I also set up a section on my site for future “goofing on project orange”.
Hopfully the guys at project orange dont mind me goofing on them (I can take the animations down at any time, no problem).

Check out Project Orange Here “”
And as I joke hopfully I can help generate some donations for you guys too.

Goofing on Project “Orange”: Part 6: Orange Wars
Flash, 420kb
Click Here to Watch

Goofing on Project “Orange”: Part 5: Ton Jams
Flash, 350kb
Click Here to Watch

Behind the Scenes at Project “Orange”: Part 4: Online Chat
Flash, 450kb
Click Here to Watch

Behind the Scenes at Project “Orange”: Part 3: I am the Superstar
Flash, 330kb
Click Here to Watch

Behind the Scenes at Project “Orange”: Part 2
Flash, 300kb
Click Here to Watch

And incase anyone missed the first one, here it is.

Behind the Scenes at Project “Orange”: Part 1
Flash, 280kb
Click Here to Watch

Who is Who?
A. Toni Alatalo - nickname?
B. Lee J Cocks - LohnC
C. Andy Goralczyk - @ndy
D. Bastian Salmela - basse
E. Bassam Kurdali - slikdigit
F. Matt Ebb- broken


It’s true, good bread really makes the taste of human brain better. :wink:


Umm… is it just me that thinks it looks like He’s eating the other guys, er… manbits? And Pepijn looks like a klingon :smiley:

Haha! Great sequel!

…Maybe these can be included in the Orange DVD! Who needs a boring making-of? :wink:

Yeah, these should definitely go on the DVD. Great work again Wu.

Some of the voices reminded me of the Ren and Stimpy show.

Now we see that Ton was the topless waitress all along :stuck_out_tongue: … except he’s wearing a top there.

:smiley: thanks :smiley:

theeth- thanks man, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up when i saw the “lunch” photo, haha.

Bellorum- haha me too, i was going to futher that observation by having him eat a hot dog, but that would have just been wrong, haha, klingon, haha.

Friday13- thanks man, i would love for them to use it, would proably have to edit out the “psycho” and “phantom of the opera” tunes.

osxrules- thanks man! i would love to contribute to the dvd, but that would bring down the quality of the dvd, haha, ren and stimpy rock! haha, ton just wants to help…can i get you a roast beef sandwich…ah some potato chips…a little peice of cake, haha.

I agree - this HAS to get onto the DVD! :smiley: ‘Can I get you something to eat?’… haha, that’s weird!

I really liked the first one but I love this episode. And it’s very funny to see how your characters evolve…

Goof on, Wu!

HA! great job wu that’s hilarious, This goes on the same line of hilarity and randomness as Family Guy and Futurama! Keep 'em coming.

:o thank you :o

thoro- hey dude, thanks, i think the first was a little better, it was more unexpected, and easier, but this one was fun too, can i get you a roast beef sandwich, or somthing…hmmm? weird why do you say that, haha.
it would be great to get a spot on the dvd, i would be happy to donate, but i think this is a little too wacky, and vulgar maybe, haha.

HEADCHEESE- hey thanks a lot, i think family guy is hilarious, a little raunchy but funny, i would love to make more, just as long as its cool wiht project orange, and hopfully get some new photos.

I dont think orange will be posting anymore pictures after me and you wu. If they do…god help them lol

How about a…a small piece of cake?

:wink: keep it up wu


Three letters? Is that all you can scrounge up? I would castrate you but it’s far too late for that.



On a side note, what program are you using to do this? Is it the official $300 program?

Wow, am I the only one who never cracked a smile once during these?

I did like the end of the second. I was kinda Family Guy-esque and was funnier than the rest.

Three letters? Is that all you can scrounge up? I would castrate you but it’s far too late for that.



:smiley: thanks :smiley:

Enriq766- haha, they seem to be great sports. and iam sure they know its all in fun. and hopfully we are doing some good by keeping focus on a cool project like orange.

Dittohead- thanks, and yes i will have a small peice of cake thanks for offering.

Alltaken- lol, thanks

Arr Matey!!- thanks man, its flash 4, i got it off ebay for $20, it rocks. very easy to use. getting good sound and low file size is a bit tricky, but once thats down you will be addicted.

valarking- iam sure your proably not, haha, sometimes my girlfriend will come over and watch these and not laugh, ouch, the whole time iam sitting there, its like she is waiting for a punchline that never comes, haha, but some members of orange liked the first one, so it was worth it to try again, but sequals are always difficult, the first one was the best, but the third one will rock better then both of these two! (as long as I can get some new photos).

This may sound silly, but who is who?
(no offence intended to those who I don’t know what they look like in real life!)



Hehe, I’m not sure I like the direction in which you’re taking my character! Of course I’d prove myself but for some reason the lovely girls in the windows with the red lights dont seem to like having their photos taken. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that there’s anything wrong with it!

Wu, ya, it’s just me. I never though Monty Python was funny either, so I guess I have a weird sense of humor, huh?