Goofing on Project Orange: Part 8: Dancing in the Moonlight

I was lucky enought to talk Sago into drawing for another animation, and we are both really happy with the way it turned out, so i hope you guys dig it too!

I have one final animation that I want to finish in Febuary, but it has been great fun while the goofing has lasted! Thanks for all the comments and good luck to Project Orange.

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And as I joke hopfully I can help generate some donations for you guys too.

Goofing on Project “Orange”: Part 8: Dancing in the Moonlight
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Flash, 525kb

Goofing on Project “Orange”: Part 7: Gorilla Arms
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Flash, 450kb

Goofing on Project “Orange”: Part 6: Orange Wars
Flash, 420kb
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Behind the Scenes at Project “Orange”: Part 4: Online Chat
Flash, 450kb
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Behind the Scenes at Project “Orange”: Part 3: I am the Superstar
Flash, 330kb
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And incase anyone missed the first one, here it is.

Behind the Scenes at Project “Orange”: Part 1
Flash, 280kb
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Who is Who?
A. Toni Alatalo - nickname?
B. Lee J Cocks - LohnC
C. Andy Goralczyk - @ndy
D. Bastian Salmela - basse
E. Bassam Kurdali - slikdigit
F. Matt Ebb- broken

What is being said?
Big Thanks to Alex_G for taking the time to translate my gibberish!

Behind the Scenes of Project Orange: Part 1

The group gets together to talk about what they have eaten and who has the most talent.

Basse: Hey guys, have you seen my new painting? Instead of paint I used hot chocolate and marshmallows

Bassam: laughs Dude, Amsterdam rocks, man

Andy: sigh I have more talent then all you sonsabitches combined

scary music
camera zooms in on Lee

Lee: grunt I ate, a baby

Matt: Hey guys, ah seriously, why don’t we just call this Project Lavender?

Toni: You guys, do whatever the hell you want. I’m gonna be looking at the porno websites.

Last frame: (picture of Ton)

Fear My Jacket… It says VROOOOOM!!

Good Luck Project Orange…
…or is it Project Lavender?

Behind the Scenes of Project Orange: Part 2

The magical script writer has arrived, and there is more eating…of human brains ahhhhh!!

Basse: Hey, how about instead of money, you pay me with jellybeans? laughs

Script Writer: Oooh, I can help you write a script. Ooohoo, I’m the story teller, the dream weaver, Ooohoohoohoo

camera zooms in on the script writer’s brain

Matt: Hey guys, let’s make an animation about a bunch of sweaty cowboys who get angry and start wrestling each other. Oooh

Toni: I’m so busy I don’t have time to comb my hair or take a shower

Andy: sigh I don’t have time for this crap

horror music
camera zooms in on Lee eating

Lee: grunt I’m eating a human brain, on wholewheat bread ngg

Ton: er, e-excuse me, ah, er, ah, er, can I get you something to eat?

Bassam: ah, No thank you

Ton: er, OK, ah, how-how about a roast beef sandwhich?

Bassam: no er I’m working

Ton: ah ok ok, ah maybe a small bag of potato chips?

Bassam: No. ah please no, I’m working

Ton: Oh right, right, um… how-how about a small piece of cake?

Last frame: (picture of script writer)

rock n roll
will never die!

Keep Up the Great Work

Behind the Scenes of Project Orange: Part 3: I am the Superstar!!!

Conflict…Ton tries to take control, but the superstar is ready to kick some ass!!

Ton (waving pencil): er, we will do what I say, because I am the captain of the ship

Andy: You point that pencil at me again, and I will kick your ass.

Ton: er, no er, please, don’t be dysfunctional

Andy: Do you see that my hair is spiked? That means that the power is on Jack, and I will kick your ass. Do you see my sideburns? Do you know what they are saying? They are saying I will kick your ass.

Ton (puts pencil down): Ok, er look, I am putting the pencil down. Please. Can I get you something to eat or something to calm you down?

Andy: I am the superstar here.

Matt: He is the superstar

Andy: If I leave, who will you have? Cannibal Boy?

camera cuts to Lee “Cannibal Boy (he eats babies and human brains…beware)”

Andy: Basse?

camera cuts to Basse “Basse (he paints with coffee)”

Andy: And half the stuff he makes, I don’t even know what the hell it is.

camera cuts to one of Basse’s abstract art pieces

Jan: Ah, please. No more arguing. It gives me diarrhoea

Andy: I will kick you’re ass too. And I will enjoy doing it.

Bassam: Someone’s gonna get their ass kicked!

Andy: I am the superstar, I am the superstar, I am the superstar.

Last frame: (picture of Andy)

I am the superstar!!!
I am the superstar!!!
I am the superstar!!!

Behind the Scenes of Project Orange: Part 4: Online Chat

Project Orange is holding a online chat for their millions of fans.

Ton: Er, Today we will have, a online chat. With our millions and millions of fans.

camera cuts to computer screen

Ton: waiting, waiting, waaiiting

screen comes up with an AOL window of Thoro and a “ding” sound, “Hey dudes!!” is the message

Ton: Oh yes, one person

Thoro: Is this the online chat for men who like to wear women’s clothing? laughs

Ton: Ah, no. Er, That was my chat earlier


Thoro: Whoa dude! I was only kidding laughs weird. Hey Basse man, you are my freaking idol dude!

Basse: Er, you tell him, today I will only speak in abstract sentences; Ah, birds fly south, and my faeces is smeared all over the wall.


Thoro: Whoa dude! What the hell is the matter with you? Hey Ton, could you give me advice on how to pick up “hot” older women? Yes!

Ton: Ah, let me see… hmm… if you want to be a Pimp, to get the MILFs, you have to get the Vrooom jacket brother.

Thoro: OK, cool. I want to be a Pimp too. Where can I get this jacket?

Ton: Er, you can get the jacket in er, most children’s clothing stores. Or er, you can go to Toys ‘r’ Us, or even the Kiddie City


Thoro: Andy, I predict you will be greater than Elvis one day.

Andy: You tell him I already know, you dumbass

Thoro: Andy, will you sign my copy of the Orange DVD?

Andy: I’ll tell you what. How about I reach

through the monitor and choke your monkey ass?

Last frame: (picture of the AOL window)
How about I reach through the monitor and choke your monkey ass!!!

thoro thanks for letting me use your webcam
photo! good luck project orange!

The photo of the typer was Thoro (Thorsten)

voices by Wu (Eric)

I hope this put you in a better mood Adrianne

Goofing on Project Orange: Part 5: Ton Jams

At Blender Conference 2005, Ton put on a concert that blew the roof off the dump!

“Ton Sings Country”

Voice Over: Ton Sings Country

Tammy Wynette - Stand By Your Man

Ton: Stand by your man, and give him two arms to cling onto

“Ton Pumps up the Crowd”

Voice Over: Ton pumping up the crowd

Ton: Ooh, ooh, come on party people, Ooh, ooh, throw your hands in the air, Ooh, ooh, come on party people, Ooh, ooh, wave 'em like you just don’t care

Guy in audience: Herman, what do you think of Ton?

Herman: I think he sucks. I want to choke his face

Ton Sings “Hammer Time”

Voice Over: Ton singing everybody’s favourite, Hammer Time!

MC Hammer - Can’t Touch This

Ton: Everybody Stop. Hammer Time, doo, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo, can’t touch this. Doo, doo-doo-doo, ah yes, can’t touch this. Er everybody stop, Hammer Time

Old lady: Hey, lets er throw our panties onto
the stage laughs

Old lady 2: I’m not wearing any panties, I have on diapers

Last frame: (picture of Herman)

I think he sucks! I want
to choke his face!!

Goofing on Project Orange: Part 6: Orange Wars

Basse has passed out on the toliet, and has a stange dream…

Basse: This morning I er, passed out on the toilet laughs, ah and while I was passed out I had the craziest dream. It went like this…

Star Wars theme
Opening crawl of Star Wars

“In a galaxy filled with vrooom jackets
potato salad, dingleberries, crossdressing men
milfs, and monkey asses, a dream takes place.”

Ton (as Yoda): laughs I like women, and I like wearing women’s clothing laughs

Basse: Hey er, Toni and Bassam were in the dream too. They were talking about Ton abusing animals

Toni (as Chewbacca): Chewbacca grunt

Bassam (as Han Solo): Did you just say you saw Ton at the zoo?

Toni (as Chewbacca): Chewbacca grunt

Bassam (as Han Solo): You say he got angry and threw hot coffee on a baby elephant

Toni (as Chewbacca): Chewbacca grunt/whimper

Basse: And er, Darth Andy was er, choking the crap out of everyone

Andy (as Darth Vader): Listen to me Jack, I don’t care if you’re on the other side of the room, I can choke your monkey ass standing right here

Basse: Hey Matt, you were there too. You were dressed up like the ugliest freaking woman I’ve ever seen in my life.

Matt (as Princess Leia): I’ve been a bad girl, do you want to spank me daddy?

Basse: And Lee! You were eating babies like they were peanut M&Ms!

Lee (as Jabba the Hutt): laughs

Baby: laughs


Lee (as Jabba the Hutt): laughs

Baby 2: laughs


Lee (as Jabba the Hutt): laughs

Last frame: (picture of Darth Andy)

"I don’t care if you’re on the other side of the room. I will choke your monkey ass standing right here!

Goofing on Project Orange: Part 7: Gorilla Arms

I present to you a half man half gorilla beast that will make you lose your mind and pull your legs off!

Ton: er, Bassam, ah we are having problems with your hairy gorilla like arms

Bassam: Hey if you think my arms are hairy, you should see my back, and private parts

Ton: Listen. ah, when you are typing at the computer, the hairs from your arms are falling into the keyboards, and they are ruining our computers

Bassam: Oh man. Hey Ton, have you ever seen the movie er, Teenage Werewolf?

Ton: pause was that the ah, porno movie that was rated ah, triple X?

Bassam: er… no

Ton: Oh OK, then I have not seen it. Ah, listen you hairy King Kong look-a-like, ah, when you use the computers, I want you to put plastic bags on your arms, so your hairs are not falling all over the place, and making a big sloppy hairy mess

Bassam: OK. Hey Ton, did you know when I was growing up, my Mom would shave my arms and use the hairs to weave sweaters for the homeless?

Last frame: (picture of Bassam with hairs falling everywhere)

A Sago-Wu Production

Sacha G. (sago) - the great chacter drawings

Eric M. (wu) - abusive dialog,/idea, animation, bad european voices

Goofing on Project Orange: Part 8: Dancing In The Moonlight

Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty…

Basse: Er, Lee, ah are you having trouble sleeping? Ah maybe I can get you some hot tea?

Basse (to self): Or how 'bout a fat child, dunked in garlic butter you sick piece of sh…

Behind Lee is a picture of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers with the words “I ate a BABY!!”

Lee: Ughh, I don’t sleep, I wait.

Basse (to self): Why, do I have to share a room with a cannibal psychopath? closes eyes I wish I was at home, with my emotionally and physically abusive wife

Lee: Ughh, what does your Mum look like?

Basse: opens eyes Er, I don’t want to talk about it

Basse (to self): closes eyes Lord, if you let me live through the night, I promise I will never paint with coffee again

Lee: Ughh, I saw an old lady get hit by a bus. Basse opens eyes It was like watching a watermelon explode

Lee: laughs

Basse (to self): I pray that my Hello Kitty poster is strong enough to keep him away

Basse: closes eyes Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty!

Lee: What does your Mum look like?

Basse (to self): Oh man! What is going on in that freaking skull!

Lee’s thought bubble appears, inside the bubble is Andy as a dancing baby
Van Halen - Dance the Night Away

Van Halen: Ooh, baby, baby. (Ah come on!) Take a dance, you’re old enough to dance the night away

Last Frame: (animation of Andy as a dancing baby)

Meet The Blender Head
December 2005

BgDM: Is Lee really a psycho?

Basse: Well, I don’t allow my kids to visit Amsterdam, and I sleep with a knife under my pillow, but other than that, he is the most charming gentleman I have ever met, simply lovable little creature.

A Sago-Wu Production

Sacha G. (sago) - the great character drawings
Eric M. (wu) - abusive dialog,/idea, animation, bad european voices

Simply excellent work! Especially the bit about sweaters for the homeles…

Bravo, glad to see the series making a come back.
-awesome drawings Sago!!


HA! these make old rubbleman chuckle too :wink:
I hope you do sketch of all Orangers sago.
I put that one in my collection.
I think Wu miss opportunity with actors photo but maybe he catches up soon 8)

that was GREAT.


hehe …

im lost

woo! yeah! (or should it be “wu! yeah!”?) That was excellent, I laughed so hard :smiley: this one has to be the best… so far

Exelent, the drawing is fantastic and the morphing too, so funny :smiley:

Yeah, that was great Wu and Sago. I love Sago’s drawings, they are awesome. I think this was probably my favourite of the flash movies. I think the cartoon style is much better than the photographs.

I think they all good…he he I tell you I laugh hardest at couple of seconds of Darth @ndy. no disrespect to him I just think very funny…I kind of wish secretly for whole one just like that :smiley:

thanks guys, i agree i think this one turned out great, especially because of sago’s kick ass drawings!

normally i would respond to all posts but scince i only created half this one i will just say thanks for all the great posts it means a lot!

be sure to look out for more, i beleive i can get sago to do at least one more…all you have to do really is tell him he is an attractive man…hey what ever floats your boat, haha

digital_me- haha yeah, that was the one line i knew didnt suck, haha, thanks

rubbleman- beleive me dude the one actor will show up somewhere some time and you know exactly which one i’m talking about! a all darth andy animation, oh the possiblities, haha!

osxrules- sago did a beautiful job and i hope we can do more! even though he is a real huge pain in the ass to work with!

maybe you could show who features in each clip,

like Part 4: featuring Thoro, Part 6: featuring Sago, and Part 2: featuring… erm, the script dude

Fantastic! I was really sad when you went on hold with the first batch, but it’s great knowing they are back and more is to come. The new style with Sago’s awesome drawing is great. More!

These should totally be in the special features of the Orange DVD! :Z


Best mini cartoon of all time. That’s all I gotta say.

oapifd lsdfkj lkjs lklj.
danjm! ifs hart do tyep wiht htese plastix bahs on mi hamds!

Alex_G- haha, i beleive you just did, besides those characters i think it is just the main orange group, by the way you have way too much knowlege of these animations, haha!

Laurifer- thanks man, yes sago rocks, i knew it would be really decent when i saw his other 2d work, it would be awsome to appear on the dvd, and i’m sure sago agrees, but that is up to the orange people, haha.

WhiteBoy- hey thanks for the awsome comment, i hoped that Sago’s artwork, and my insainity would bring good things. it was a ton of work to pull this one off (mostly on Sago’s part) so i’m very happy to see people liked it!

slikdigit- a creature that will both amaze and horrify, haha, man i’m so glad you guys have a good sense of humor! by the way i would love to know if ton has seen his “likeness” and what he thinks of it. long live the vrooom!

You think bassam’s private parts are hairy, you should see mine!! :o :stuck_out_tongue:


Wu, good to see that you’re back and ‘juices are flowing again’ ;).

‘Gorilla Arms’ is very cool - I really like Sago’s drawing style - well done! And your weird humour - hairs falling into the keyboard… haha! You should see my arms (and my keyboard at work) - it’s a hair/crumb potpourri :P.

Although I really like this version, I beg you to keep the photo mutilations up, too.


Don’t believe all this crap Wu is saying.

The truth is that Wu is holding me as a hostage. The bastard tied me to a chair in his room. He’s gone now, and I’m typing this post with my nose and tongue (yes ladies, I have a very flexible tongue).

If I didn’t draw those pictures, he would play dirty nasty games with me, and perhaps cut off my limbs. Remember the movies Misery and Boxing Helena? Well, Kathy Bates aint got nothing on Wu, and this experience is almost as worse as watching Boxing Helena!

Anyway (while I’m here), it’s nice to see you guys like it. That Wu has some crazy sense of humor (if you can call it that). All I did was making the drawings, including a couple of mouths for each character.
I don’t think he’s planning on letting me go yet, so it’s possible you’ll be seeing more of this. Sorry.

Damn, I can hear someone coming up the stairs. I’m afraid he brought the black dildo… again

Please call 911


BgDM- haha, this thread has brought out the scarry in everyone, haha, nooooooo!

thoro- thanks man! i dont even want to know what is in my keyboard :o . with the project ending in march i think there may be time for atleast one more cartoon animation and one more photo manipulation animation, depending on if i can get some decent idea/dialog stuff, because the last animation took tons of time from both me and sago, so the idea must rock and then we will roll! FIRE!!!

Sago- yes its true, but what sago forgot to tell you is that sago is really a six foot blond female with huge dirty pillows, and a big gehtto booty!