Goofing on Project Orange: Part 8: Dancing in the Moonlight

so what’s that? Project Orange-Utan ?

Wu, your going to hell man…

See you there

tedi- congratulations on the worst joke i’ve heard this year, i love it…because its so bad!

Enriq766- i blame sago but save me a seat anyway.


This is a great new style, I hope you can do at least one more like this.

I really like the edited picture at the end with the hairs all over the desk, it cracks me up!

5 Stars plus 2 thumbs up.

Again, you make me glad not many pic of me surfaced after the conference. :wink:


Every single one of those was frickin’ hilarious… HAhaha!

post 1000 for me whoohoo!

Arr Matey!!- what editing? haha, actually to be honest the only photo edit i did was the hair around the keyboard, the rest is bassams all natural rug.

theeth- but it did surface on the what do you look like thread … how do you think you will look wearing bright pink speedos? whats that, you never wore a pair of brigh pink speedos well we can change that at a little place i like to call photoshop…

Saxofoner91- thanks a lot man, i love to write and animate and it is the greatest thing to have a group of people who dig your work!

This stuff is fantastical!!! :o I’m excitable!! :smiley: THNX!! :Z

is there a reason for the phallic shape of Bassam’s nose, Sago?

Perhaps I should’ve made it a little more pointier, but I believe I was getting close. :expressionless: I hope…

you got pretty close.

AROtotheN- thanks man, excitableness is always welcomed, hehe

Sago- perhaps you should have put veins in it and made the eyebrows more bushy and had done with it!..clean up your act!!! :x :x :x :x

phew, I took all of yesterday to script out all of the Goofing on Project Orange, but I couldn’t work out 2 words (I PMed Wu for them):

[edit: see first post]

Fantastic, Alex_G! Those lines are so funny.

Wu you should get to work on Goofing on the Project Orange Movie-- The Movie!


thx Laurifer :smiley: although it was really Wu’s lines :-?

Laurifer- haha, if orange was a longer project maybe, but the 1minute animations are very fun to make.

Alex_G- hey man, pretty amazing you took the time to do that, i’m impressed and flattered! but i fear you proably lost a great deal of your brain tissue over the past few days, and the bad news is its not going to grow back…sorry, haha big thanks man, the first post on this thread is updated with your hard work! thanks!

hey thanks Wu!, I guess Lee ate all that brain tissue, so now he has 5 brains and a bit of tissue inside him (1 from the baby in the 1st behind the scenes, 1 from the script writer in 2nd behind the scenes, 2 from the babies in the 6th Goofing on project orange, his own, and part of my brain tissue)

ah… so that’s his secret for making immacualte renders :wink:

Part 8 is up, Sago and I rocked again whoooohoooo!!!
hope you guys dig it too!!!


I better get scripting again Wu :wink: