Goofy beach picture

(harkyman) #1

A brief departure from the bird animation…

My coworker had a picture of his daughter at the beach as his screen background. He had edited out a rather large sunbathing man from the background, leaving an unsightly hole in the image. I thought that it would look nice with a dinosaur.

Got the model off the Internet (it’s not the greatest). Made a couple of texture channels. Used the actual picture as a backbuffer and test-rendered until I had everything positioned right. Added a bit of mist, then rendered full size to a .tga with alpha. I used photoshop for the final composite.

It’s not great, but his kid’ll like it.

(rndrdbrian) #2

hee hee! Nice bit of compositioning!

Although I think the shadow from the dino should be a little more to the right, nearly parallel with the ground (judging by the shadow from the bucket).

I’m sure the kid will like it though!


(dotblend) #3

like it!

(S68) #4


really lovely 8)