Goofy user setting inhibiting UV unwrap

UV unwrapping won’t work for me. Nothing at all happens after I tap ‘U’. The uv/image editor shows only the most recent render. Posts here and other forums gave a few hints but no go for the UV unwrapping. I always have all vertices selected, and I’ve made seams, and whatever else people say should be done, I have done.

Out of desperation, I tried loading the factory settings. UV worked!

Apparently, some goofy setting or haunted object in my normal user settings inhibits UV unwrapping. How is that possible?

Is there a way to compare user settings between two or more .blend files? If so I’d compare my normal initial file with the factory setting one (or a saved scene starting with it).

Obviously you have tried removing the most recent render by pressing the X right next to the image name (Render result), what happens? Is your Blender downloaded directly from

As JA12 says, just delete the ‘Render Result’ in the UV/Image editor window. This same question has been asked and answered as such a zillion times

Aha, that is it.

Though I searched BA and the outside world, I did not find this mentioned. Maybe my google-fu was weak at the time.