Google ads popping up!


Should type this down here somewhere…

But anytime I try to read a thread, google ads pop up in the first line and its now wrecking my head. Can they be moved without linking to other websites? Anyone else having this problem?
Ha look its even on this thread already!!

Use firefox wirh adblock and noscript addons?

They’re not popping p on this computer here. I’ll have to look into the adblock thing on the other one cheers

Do you mean the two small ones on the left? If BA is making a bit of extra cash from those, I say we should not block them. They don’t really disturb me much, anyhow…

No they’re coming in about an inch over the first thread so can’t even read whats being said/asked. Plus there’s no way to cancel them. If you click on them you’re brought to websites like them idiots AVS converter!

Okay, very different :confused: If the adblocker doesnt work, I fear you may have an ad virus (seriously, it’s the new thing in viral fuckuppery :mad:)

I’m getting it too. I don’t know if it may be the OS, Windows 98, or display size, 4:3 aspect 1024x768.

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Don’t think its anything to do with resolution though

As you can see - no way to delete


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It looks like you need to scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and adware. I’ve never gotten popups, here.

From your screenshot, you have scroll bars on the post you are showing, in another thread some people were seeing these and some people weren’t. It looks like the new layout is screwy in some browsers. At work I only have IE6 and the layout is also not flowing correctly and the user avatars are huge.
Have you tried the site in IE and Opera you also have installed ?
Are you using the latest firefox and what extensions have you installed.

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I’ve passed this on to our administrator. If the problem is with the template he should be able to sort it out.

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Sorry i can’t help ye any further on this. I only know that on the missus’ laptop this happens in firefox. She has opera too that I don’t use but this doesn;t happen. Wouldn’t be able to tell you what version of firefox as I’m fairly C.I. I thought it was happening to everyone is why I posted. Sure there’s a simple fix somewhere

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no problems on firefox 3.6.12 or IE, hehe…

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Hi guys,

I finally found time to fix this issue. Can you confirm that my change has fixed this for firefox 2.0.x? I don’t have an actual version handy.

btw, I’m curious. Why are you running such an old version?