Google art

Google recently has this cool title drawing, check it out
probably dont need it, but for the lazy heres the link

Frank Lloyd Wright. :slight_smile:

yeah, just did a report on him.

great artist.

i think my dad has something signed by him. (he is an architect too)

His only skyscraper stands in an Oklahoma oil town. I’ve intended to go see it for some time now.

I missed it! Did anyone save it? I collect those.

Very impressive… man, that guy had some deep insight into form and function, eh? Awesome! This work would be worth blendering/yaffing if only for a tribute… Needs to be seen in person, you’re right… the pix don’t seem to do it justice.

Aw, man! I didn’t know there was a page like that! Now my collection doesn’t seem as much fun.

Oops, I’m sorry about that… :expressionless: :wink: