Google, baby

I googled just the word “3D” and the list came out

1.3D Artists
2. 3D Total
3. 3D Cafe
4. 3D Links
5. 3D TextMaker
AND then… :: Home
Blender is the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation. … Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, … - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

WOOHOO!!! As you can see, Blender is the ONLY 3D Application that graces the top search on 3D and 3D isn’t even part of the name[edit](oops…ok, it’s part of the name…but)[/edit]! I have to belive that large productions, at least some, are using Blender, but Blender is thier “Best Kept Secret”. Either that, or Someone looking for cost effective solutions to 3D production browses Blender’s site and says to themselves " hmmm, rich set of modeling tools, NLA, Powerful rigging and animation tools, powerful particles and fluid effects, all these cool scripts from the community, the matirials, textures, and node based matirial/textures with layers to composite shaders, built-in video and sound compositing, and whoa, look at all the versions in just the last year, it’s growing, it’s -it’s …it’s FREE, Open Source…Naaaaaa, let’s buy the Houdini Master suite and pay for everyones training, then break into the scene, yeah! Jenkins, get my coffee!".
Blender has got to be in the mix because I don’t think sites just get high ratings on google by just submiting it to them. Don’t they have to be, uh, popular?

I appologize for being wierd, but I am overly exited about this I guess. Blender rocks, even if it were on page 15 of goole…but it’s not, it is the 1st 3D app mentioned on top of the list, baby!(Well, for 3D modeling, and…)


As par google have it right, blender should defiently be there


Google’s PageRank system means that for tsomething to have a higher rating, lots of sites must link to it, it must be often visited and it must be often searched (that’s simplifying it greatly!). So it’s quite some achievement to be in the top page!

so, blender is 6th on the list and under something called “3D TextMaker” ? … that kind of dimishes the excitement there :x

Yeah, but the eyes will fall and land on those cool features of Blender3D as opposed to…ta-ta-ta-ta text maker. lol. They’ll reach the Blender site and here all those angelic voices[insert tabernacle angelic voices here]

I stopped by textmaker and the site looks like it aims at 5-6 yearolds. Probably not, but I didn’t hang out there to let it rub off on me.