Google Chrome Logo

How easy would it be for someone to model the Google Chrome Logo in Blender?


Using bezier curves it wouldn’t be that hard at all. You just need to focus on edge loops and topology placement for an accurate model. Try it out.

Could someone give me an example file?
(I’m terrible at modeling)

inkscape is great for those kinds of graphics actually

Sweet, how about someone model it and let me get it. LOL

Guys, this would actually be a great beginner project. Why don’t you (all) put a little bit of effort in it and figure it out? Blender is perfect for this kind of job :slight_smile:

Are there more views available (especially what it looks like from the back and sides)?
I used google image serch “google chrome logo” but got distracted by what has come up, especially the last image on the lower right!

I was thinking of making you guys a little tut but someone already made a video tutorial (scroll down a third of the page)

HHmm, funny video. Creativity isn’t dead though, everyone is inspired by their surroundings. Thats how its always been. God made the trees, man made art from looking at them. BAM! But anyway, I dont even know where to start. I am very beginner I guess. I just now how to take solid squared objects and put that together. Make a tut :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a grey sphere with a blue sphere on top

then you have the little craggily piece that you model one time and then place ur cursor in the middle go to top view and spin dup that bad boy

all the pieces are a little flattened it looks like so it’s probably more accurate to call it a techno-doughnut

You make it sound so easy, lol. Im sure it is once you’ve done something like it once!

lets do a 20 SMC in it. piece of cake.

Interesting observations so far but! you will have to look a little closer than that for this is not a quick job. First of all the three shells surrounding the centre (gray) mesh are unique so a quick “copy” job isn’t going to do the trick.
I teach a modeling course that is based on “How you see is how you model” which makes me curious of how you guys see this model to begin with?

Who is brave and dares to get the ball rolling?
Let’s make this simple and start with the gray (inner) part first!
What do you see? What is there to watch out for? What ways are there to model the gray inner mesh?

SMC running as i type. GOOOO!


they look the same to me, my theory is that either someone rendered this 3d model in orthographic view at a tilted angle OR someone made it in Inkscape, which would mean that it’s not dimensionally consistent to begin with

of course I could always be wrong, besides u can copy them all identically then use lattice or simple deform modfifers to make them match this logo IF they aren’t the same, but I think they are… I could be wrong though

as to how to model the grey mesh… add=>mesh=>torus

then give it a nice uber shiny ramp based material =)

I thought they looked the same too, but while trying to model it and beginning to copy the one object, found out it wouldn’t work. It you look at the ends of all the pieces you can see that they are all slightly different. So you have to model each one separately.

they aren’t different it’s an orthographic render so everything looks wonky OR like I said it’s done in Inkscape – that’s my theory until someone illustrates how they are all different when u can’t erally see them all in the first place

Hm… I do see it. But it makes it look really different. Not sure if we could replicate that correctly by just copying the three parts and rotating them. It may also be because it is more of a sphere that it may look. Just another theory though. But I think you are right kay_Eva!

I’m pretty sure you could knife the shape out of a spherical mesh, add thickness, and duplicate it twice rotating it around the 3D curser.

Hm yea… that would be the easy way to do it… thanks for saying that now as I am almost done lol. I am using the retopo tool for an accurate and clean mesh. But it is kinda hard to get certain parts to look right with it.

done. how hard can it be??

Okay, here is my attempt. I will say this first, my mouse was messing up and I hate materials!! Okay now that that is off my chest, my image. Not that great. Had trouble with retopo but you can tell what it is at least!