Google Chrome Logo

[edit] never mind, the pict shows now. i’m rendering wires of mine right now. The smc was nice and fun but the script died yet again. (second time it did it while i was there.)

radialronnie and Db13,
thank you for posting your renders so early and an even bigger thank you for keeping the image size bellow 100kb (that means a lot to me)

What have we learned so far?
Can we all admit that the google chrome logo is a bit trickier than it looks?
While a torus “can be” used to start, i doubt that the original image (first post) uses such a shape.
In a few hours, I will take a crack at modeling and it would be cool if more of you participated so that we all could learn together from what could be a great experience.

I spent about two hours so far analyzing and searching and hope to post a blend and screeshot once i’m done.
Are you guys happy with how the project turned out so far?

Since no one (so far) was too concerned about the center piece, I just want to mention that I will be starting from an UV Sphere (not sure about how many segments and rings yet). Then I will copy that spehere, enlarge it and rotate the center vertices until they give me the offset as seen in the reference picture. That will take a few minutes but will speed up creating the three colored parts somewhat.
Each of the three color pieces is very different and none of the three cuts are the same.
The lighting will be even more tricky because the shadows as seen in the original reference are from a multiple light source.
There is lots more but i hate typing on a laptop.
Please keep your renders and suggestions/observations coming! This is a great learning post or at least has the potential to become one :slight_smile:

i almost had to change my pants from laughing. you sound like my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers. i’m not a n00b. been blending for a while now.

I love people with a sense of humor!
If you want to have even more fun, then compare the render to the original image posted. FUNNNNY!

:), hope i wasn’t to rude. anyways, no wire render cause it’s takes far too long. blender really needs a clay render mode…

No, not at all :slight_smile:
But let’s keep in mind that the original post stated “this google logo” and not a cross between that and the ubuntu logo so the ultimate aim is a model, that looks like the one posted which again can only be achieved with a careful analysis.
If you want to become good at modeling and I assume most here have that goal, then push yourself to the next level and give it another try. I’m sure I will do more than one model tonight.

Maybe this is helpful to know …
Sometimes companies loose their art work or are buying advertising and for some reason don’t know where their logo file are. That happens quite a bit.
A gfx designer then has to reproduce the artwork based on an old letterhead or previous newspaper ad.
The skills learned with this google logo might just come in handy down the road :slight_smile:

OK, this is my first try :slight_smile:
Just a “Render this screen” render as a quick reference for myself.
I think that once the tweaking is done, yafray and a suitable HDRI map should do that trick as far as shadows and reflections gooogle erm … go.
The yellow part needs some serious work but it’s going in the right direction :slight_smile:


that’s looking pretty close, but I don’t think the top part of the blue green and red pieces are flat like that. In the original, there’s nothing to indicate that they are flat, it just looks like a reflection, or hi light to me.

excellent point and observation!
As you probably can guess, I’ve spent a lot of time on this tread because I need the work for something else.
Trying to “copy” another artists work can sometimes be very difficult and I often compare it to “crime solving the Inspector Columbo way”.
I think that this is the only render that exists and therefore I was left to guess pretty much on everything, including that part of the model you’re pointing out. Because it is so “uniform” my feeling is that it is actually flat and therefor the lights picked it up tat way.
When I did the first model last night, I messed up on the yellow part so I posed it wrong for the screen shot in order to hide the boo boo and make it look less worse.
I’m going to use this for my “How you see is how you model” class which places a strong emphasis on research and preparation before the actual work starts.
It is hard to say where this thread goes but my “hidden” goal was to help young artists understand that it is not the tools a software offers that make things happen but preparation and problem solving abilities as which to sum this up are based on what one sees in the first place.

Later tonight, I will try to model this again, but this time incorporate what I have learned from the mistakes I made on the prototype and hopefully, I’ll get a close render.

Ciao :slight_smile:

doesn’t this kind of modeling qualify as precision modeling, shouldn’t the primary thing we do is find a way of measuring the angles and other dimensions of the components here

I couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:


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theAnimal - that’s pretty close - better than mine, that’s for sure -


Hello TheAnimal,
I really like the model you have posted! This (google chrome) is actually a great logo and i’m curious to learn who actually did the real thing for google? :slight_smile:

while i replied to TheAnimal, you posted as well. What I especially like about your model is the fact that you realized that the three parts are each unique (as the original artist did extensive tweaking).
The trick is the get the borders and gaps between green/red, red/yellow and yellow/green right.
This is a really cool project, thanks for posting :slight_smile:

I started over new and if this was a real job that called for a logo reproduction, the texturing artist would take over from here. It could use more subdevision and another round of smoothing but then again, it’s not like googel is watching :wink:
This was very educational :slight_smile:


scdelf, your reflection may be reflecting the background too much. (that was a problem I ran into)

Here you go Minifig, sorry i took so ling, i forgot. The model is completely wrong from the original chrome logo, but it still looks pretty close. :wink:


Google Chrome.blend (309 KB)

erm how did u get it to look so glossy? did u check it out in GLSL, it’s pretty cool how did u ddoooo thatatattttt

ever heard mixing up the shaders? toon specularity combined with translucency, and then for the middle something more subtle for spec and add ray mirror, the translucency seems to give that back light feel

lots of tweaking the lights etc, etc, etc

ah ha derrrrr now i get it =)
thanks :cool:

I’ve really been looking forward to getting to pick it apart!