Google Code of Summer WIN

I downloaded the Tomato build (the one with the camera tracking) and I mean the stuff it did was super but it only tracked about 20 frames for 1/4 of the trackers I had. The clip was 141 frames long and add high contrast and all the good stuff. The 20 frames it tracked were pretty good. I used syntheyes 2011 and 2008 and boujou and also PFtrack before and blender is doing a great job. Is anybody having trouble. I have a laptop, is that a problem.

Its completely unfinished. That could be a problem…

If you can reproduce a specific problem, be sure and submit it as a bug. That will help make it better.

It’s not a fail, well as I understand not from the software.

I have had this and I found scaling the tracker(s) fixed the issue. Find points that the tracker can track clearly through out the shot, parts of the image that don’t distort too much, I have found that if, for example you’re tracking a square on a board and the camera rotates away from the board the pattern becomes too distorted for it to track.

PFtrack is the best software tracker I’ve used to date, but it’s been around for a while, same with the other packages, and they have teams of developers working on them.

This is a very new, fresh project working with brand new code, and the libMV library is also getting developed/ modified along side it, so be patient either way.

Perhaps remove the big ‘FAIL’ from the title as it doesn’t send a very nice message to the developer.

I never said it was a fail on the developers part. Mine. No wait not me. There we go my crappy dualcore PC with 2 cores @2GHZ and my 4GB of shitty RAM (nice specs huh, the 1700 gaming PC). I love this feature, the tracking. But at the end of the summer will there be 3D Camera Movement Solving?

What is the “tomato build?” I’m so new to blender…

Go on Graphicall ^ find a build with ‘tomato’ in the title for your operating system, or ‘salad’ and download it, then go the window selection icon and select ‘movieclip editor’. It’s the branch for the new camera tracking feature being added for the Gsoc tracking proposal.

It’s still a heavy work in progress though so don’t expect to be doing tracking and solves straight away, it takes a little getting used to, and the workflow isn’t as novice friendly, but the developer has mentioned the reason for this.

The google summer of code branches have veggie names. See here

Thanks but I already Have it :slight_smile: but it still no work :frowning: maybe later when there is a new build :wink:

EDIT: oh you were talking to me, srry

Just for a test render out a white square moving on a black background and try tracking it (no motion blur on the render of course), if you still have the same issue where it stops tracking them maybe something is wrong, if it does track then you know there is just something wrong with the pattern it’s trying to track…

Make sure you have the inner square surrounding the whole of the white square with an area of black visible around it, and make the sure the outer most square is quite large.

Sebastian Konig has a very good initial tutorial for using the tracker in the Tomato Build :

What happens if it can’t track. Does it just stop with those markers or just stop tracking completely. Sometimes when it hit the track forwards icon it does absolutely nothing.