Google Domains question

I’m looking to start a website. I heard yesterday that google is now doing domain registration…whatever that means.

My question is…does server hosting come with it? Or is it just some bs where you can buy the name but have to link it to your own server or something? This may sound like a stupid question. But i’m just trying to make sure. I’ve been writing my own and webpages.html for a while…so I don’t really know anything about this third-party bs.

Ok i figured out that they dont do server hosting. Only domain registration which is kinda stupid. NEW QUESTION:

what are the security benefits of buying a hosted server from say as opposed to hosting one myself and just registering a domain name to it? What kind of protection does godaddy offer that my ISP does not?

Well, domain registration is not “bs”: it’s a fundamental part of the Internet. If you want your website to be accessible as “” instead of, you need to register some domain name. (Obviously, “” is already taken.) Some people choose to register the name and buy hosting from the same company; some do not. The choice depends a lot on what you are intending to use it for.

As far as the different types of hosting, again it depends what you want to do. But running a server on your home connection has its own set of problems. It is probably something your ISP doesn’t want you to do, and I would never recommend it. Even using shared hosting, you would be running on a real server in a real data centre, with proper connections to the Internet.

I wish I could host my own server without having to pay anything. But that would involve a severly hacked site that looks like a bunch of numbers instead of a real name…oh well…godaddy here i come

I have never heard about something like Google is hosting domain. But yes you can buy domain from Godaddy and they are quite safe, I have bough my domain from here.

I personally use for registration, mainly because they accept Bitcoin. They also offer hosting, but I have not used that.

i think hosting sites were made to handel the sicurty part , because most people dont even know what does that even mean, like for ex me .

I’m pretty sure Google does have some sort of server hosting. Although for years I’ve generally stuck to 101 Domain

I’d love to hear what other sites people use here too.


You can get a free server on 1 core 500MB of ram

Its where I run

I bought my domain off of hover is also hosted on google but its not a free server