Google Earth

been playing with this today, really impressive

That looks like a revamped keyhole, i think they bought it.

yeah I was playing around with that a while too – too bad my house is all blurry :frowning: oh well, maybe someday … But looking at bigger cities was pretty neat!

you think your house is blurry? my whole village is just a brown mess :frowning: but the cities are cool, tokyo is especially high quality, you can make out individual cars and even see little blobs where there’s people, pretty amazing considering to distance from which the photos are taken.

oh, i also recommend taking a peek at everest and tilting the view a bit, it looks really cool

noooooooo! don’t use it it’s higly adictive! worse than crack! Once u’ll find manhatten u’ll want too look for the hollywood sign and than the eiffel tower and the acropolis and it’ll never end!

dublin airport is lookin pretty good, (but im sure some look better, but dublin was the first i seen) i love this app! :slight_smile:

I saw my home, it’s enough.

Holy crap. Take a close look at the Grand Canyon and then rotate your view around… :o

I love it! It’s addicting! :smiley:

I saw it too. Nice to see mountain for real…

I saw it too. Nice to see mountain for real…[/quote]

I saw that too. Mt. Saint Helens is neat also.

Its fun to put a pinpointer on your house, zoom out to see the whole earth, then double-click the pinpointer and watch it zoom right into your house. :slight_smile:

Is this free of charge(or adds)

Free verison is really free. imho

I tried to download it but ,the downloader app(of mozzila) says it has an unknown size.How big is that file ?

it’s only 10.5 meg, it streams all the photos in as you use it, and yes, it is free, no ads or anything

Check out the google’s mountain view california campus in google earth, it has something like a 2-inch resolution :o

This thread is a few months old for the record but you can now get Google Earth beta for Mac OS X here:

It works great. You need 10.4 Tiger and broadband though. I suggest increasing the Ram cache, decreasing the bit depth to 16-bit (this washes the colours out a bit but dramatically improves performance for me) and setting the fly mode to fast.

I’ve found a few places I know already where you can zoom right down to street level. Most of the places I know are too blurred but overall, the quality is very good.

I love the terrain and building view. With buildings view, you can see 3D projections of famous buildings. If only you could export the 3D data because there are whole cities modelled fairly accurately. Check out Time Square for example.

Great software.

Microsoft has one with clearer pictures. You can not rotate or get a 3d view like Google Earth though. Also, it may only be U.S. based.

Try this link, let me know if it works.

I couldn’t get that to work. I tried Explorer too. Do you need activeX maybe?