Google hired codeweares to improve photoshop CS support on linux

Here is the news (not very new, about 1 week old),39001469,62037989,00.htm

I think this is good. Of course it’d be nice to see a native linux Photoshop, but… well. Maybe they’ll understand the benefits later on.

yeah im very happy too because GIMP’S SHIT!

I agree GIMP could use vast improvement in some areas.

The most important thing is a hardness slider for the brushes, you have hard brush and fuzzy brush, but you can’t automatically go to anything in between. This is why I don’t use GIMP and use PSP 7 even though I looked at it, I use the hardness control a lot for cloning seams away in textures.

The most important thing is a hardness slider for the brushes, you have hard brush and fuzzy brush, but you can’t automatically go to anything in between.
Yes you can, just click the “edit” button in the Brushes panel and you can change the hardness of the brush as well as the shape, number of corners, aspect ratio and spacing :yes:

Yeah i am waiting for Adobes CS to CS3 range to be available on Linux. that is honestly the only thing holding me back.


GIMP has a great new healing brush that is nice for seams.
I was offered PS CS at work, and I turned it down. I hate the way PS makes you have everything in 1 window. I use virtual desktops to keep my images in order while working on them. Having all my images stuck in one window would drive me totally mad.
I have 2 monitors as well, and I like to use both of them, PS’s single window layout really is not made for this.
I also really like the way you can set dynamic hot keys while you work.

I use GIMP a lot - i agree it can frustating at times!

im not sure if i understand what you mean i have no problem with photoshop and dual monitors you can move any of its windows wherever you want. See

I was a long time Photoshop user (since version 2) using it on a daily basis to a greater or lesser degree. (for concept, texturing, retouching etc)

When I went freelance I thought I’d minimise my startup costs by looking at open source. Gimp was initially frustrating, but luckily there were pre releases of the latest version (now current). Now, I can afford to add photoshop to my pipeline, but really don’t feel the need!

InGimp I only miss the nice layer groups, adjustment layers and “layer styles” features, none of which are “essential” (I used PS before it had those features.)

“Occasionaly” I need 16bits perchannel which it doesnt do…

People who bash it are usually those who want it to be identical to PS…
It works similar but different. In my view it has all the important features of PS and when combined with inkscape (the two talk to each other rather well) is pretty damn good really!

I’d have the thought the blender community would cope better than it seems to with the “quirks”, although perhaps it’s only a vocal minority that frequently bash the gimp as “it’s shit”

Still, linux is nowhere in the 3d industry according to 3d world…
photoshop on linux is a good thing for the platform, so “great!”

and just to clarify i have nothing against the gimp its just not what i learned and i dont want to go back and relearn all the methods of doing things that i can already do in photoshop. Its just like the difference between 3d modeling apps. Im sure that C4D, maya, 3ds max all have good tools in them but i dont want to relearn it again so i stick with blender

i can’t believe people saying gimp’s shit!

the list of cons of using gimp from michaelW’s really objective,even though i miss CMYK support too,but there’s nothing more to it than that.

you just have to realize that you’re not using photoshop anymore!
this is gimp you’re dealing with,if you want photoshop go buy the license.

i remember i used to prefer photoshop to gimp,and 3ds max to blender.
then my windows blew up,and i had a timeline to meet.i turned on my ubuntu and worked with gimp and blender.that day i decided to start using them on a daily basis.

and you just gotta remember which software it is that you’re actually using.

EDIT: as i noticed i hadn’t said a thing topic related,i’ll say that it’s alright of them doing it.
they have the money to do it,and they’ll probably have the need,as follows from their actions.and, perhaps, it will even be a good thing…

I’m thinking that the Flash development environment should be the main focus here, because we already have a more than viable alternative for Photoshop called GIMP.

There is no alternative (that I know of) for developing Flash content on a Linux system.

Not sure what kind of tools CS has for flash, but I know of a couple of tools that can render to SWF for Linux…

Ktoon animation suite :
Here is a set of command line tools too:
(great for converting blender animations into flash format.)

Nice to hear more “main stream” software getting some support on linux.By the time Windows XP is no longer supported hopefully all of my favorite applications will be available for Linux. There is no way I will ever switch over to Vista.

I have Paint Shop Pro 7, and it’s fairly decent, I recently discovered the retouch tool which is actually about 20 tools in one.

GIMP could use a little of streamlining the workflow and making it faster. An easy fix would be using left-right mouse button for selecting the clone area and cloning it on like how PSP does it.

About PSP apparently since Corel bought it they made it into more of a photo editing program then a texture maker with the latest version.

I have used Photoshop 6 in Linux for many years. It has always worked perfectly under Wine, with excellent tablet pressure support. Windows is not installed in my computer.

I still have to use it for drawing. Gimp draws ugly lines using a tablet.

Even though Gimp is a Gnome program, I force Gimp windows to behave more the way I want using KDE.

Thats just ctrl leftclick in gimp, or alt leftclick in photoshop isn’t it?

I agree with Social though, a proper flash authoring toolset for linux is definitely missing!

I’d have the thought the blender community would cope better than it seems to with the “quirks”, although perhaps it’s only a vocal minority that frequently bash the gimp as “it’s shit”

Gimp was never shit, imo…But I way rather prefer Photoshop. In my hands rarely I could do things faster than with a cs2… If it’d were faster I wouldn’t see the tools fly…lol…

Gimp in windows keeps not having just as good wacom support as CSs have, nor even like other windows tools…Lacking features, but also pen behaving. And is not me the only one with this opinion. And about single window, well, I know a legion of great pros (er, am as well a pro in the sense been many years earning my salary with PS (since PS 2.0 ) ,drawing, and 3d…) that do actually hate not having a single window…More than those who do, in the companies I’ve been…indeed, not a single case…True that they always use: PS, Max, Maya. Impossible to talk them about any open source tool. Funny thing is surely here am seen as a Max /PS/Windows defender, and in these houses, seen like the idiotic buddy playing in free time with open source low level software…What the heck… The bad thing of seing the grey shades and not black or white only…

yeah. hardly ever use gimp on windows so haven’t really noticed the wacom thing…

The wacom problems on windows are mainly for the cheep models like Bamboo and graphire. There is a workaround to fix it, the next version of GIMP will include by default.

This is my opinion on Photoshop and Gimp…

Gimp is a great program, it have all the tools you really need… maybe.
For me Photoshop is essential. I always work with adjustment layers and clipping masks. The ability to work nondestructive is very important in my workflow. I’m on windows by the way and that’s maybe a reason I use PS. But sometimes I download the Gimp with the hassle of also downloading the gtk separately (the included gtk doesn’t let me choose/change language).
Every time I uninstall gimp after a couple of hours. Why?

  1. The brushes is very limited, no way near the control you have in PS.
  2. Pressure sensitivity is very poor. It seems like opacity works ok but not size. I always get stepped size variations. The funny thing is the “ink” tool that actually have proper size sensitivity.
  3. The layers system is very basic. There’s really no options here and when using linked layers they are only partly linked. Try scaling one layer, the linked layers should scale with it. When I tried last time they didn’t.
  4. No way of working nondestructive.

Those are the biggest drawbacks imo. And I’m sad to see the slow speed of development. Nothing big has happened in years.

Therefore I’m happy to see google supporting wine, it’s a good thing. And maybe gimps development speeds up if they get some serious competition also on linux.

On a side note. Blenders compositor is a great example of nondestructive editing. Imagine having the nodes visually represented as layers and add that to the image editor. Tadá!! We have a better solution than Gimp imho.

Oh, and remember, this is what I think about gimp and why it doesn’t work for me. So I mean no harm.