Google Maps Models Importer

(Mink) #46

I was able to test and succeed with a 1070, so if it is not too much pain, try switching the display to the 1070. On this machine, the webgl chrome/gpu info was “Hardware accelerated”, no reduced performance.
I have a machine on which I haven’t been able to start chrome with the right flags, I don’t remember exactly why, I’ll give it another shot, as it may give ideas.


(kubo) #47

I’ve tried setting my 1070 as main display and even thou chrome://gpu reads as everything hardware accelarated, there is no change on the flag, it’s not allowed.
I’ve tried with --no-sandbox to disable sandboxig all around and the same thign shows that it’s not allowed. So it has to be some stupid security flag somewhere, but I can not find it, also it’s the same in all my computers regardles of hardware and chrome version


(Treno Notte) #49

I’m so excited by your work !! What a great job you did Mink, it’s really amazing.

Unfortunately, i doesn’t work for me… after putting the flags in the target of chrome, the 3D view of google maps is disabled… i don’t understand why ??

Do i have to enable something in the settings of chrome ?

I’m working with my laptop, perhaps it isn’t powerful enough and the 3D maps is automatically disabled… ? I will try tonight on my PC and will debrief here again !


(Treno Notte) #50

That was it, my laptop graphic card isn’t powerful enough. It’s working great on my PC ! Many many thanks !!


(Mink) #51

Hi @Treno_Notte, glad you succeeded! :slight_smile: For the record, could you let us know what GPUs you have both on the laptop and on the PC?


(Treno Notte) #52

Hi @Mink

GPU of my laptop: Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M
GPU of my PC: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

I have one more question: is it possible to regroup all the textures of the 3D image imported in Blender in only big one easily ?

Cheers !


(plundh) #53

The test file works fine, but when I try to load my own files in Blender, nothing happens. I also get the following warning in RenderDoc - any idea what it means?


(Mink) #54

@Treno_Notte thx for the feedback. FTR I had it work on a GTX 1070 and could not on a GTX 745.
For texture packing into a single uber texture, this can be solved by writing a simple Python script completely independent from the capture process and run it afterwards. You can use the PIL library for image manipulation.

@plundh You are the first to report such an error. Given its severity, it explains why there is nothing to load in Blender. I am not sure exactly what can cause this. Is RenderDoc correctly injected? Which graphic API does it say it is using in the “chrome [PID xxxx]” tab?


(kubo) #55

Ok, finally I got it working.
Once the 780 got unplugged and closed any other chrome running stances I got it to work on the 1070 even thou the same message that the flag is not allowed is still showing, renderdoc and chrome worked as expected, so thanks a lot for this awesome tool