Google Maps to Blender?

Has anyone ever attempted to extract map data from Google Maps to Blender?

Just thought it would be a fun way to get rough maps for GTA type games.

Or alternatively are there programs that will let you get at the data in a more artist friendly format eg. obj?

thanks in advance

Google Maps are just pictures from satellites, its not 3d.

actua.lly they have a new feature where the buildings are in fact, in 3d

EDIT: I think thats with google Earth actually…

Are you sure you aren’t talking about Google Earth ( in this case?

It must be Google Earth, and the only possibility of extracting the 3D data that I’ve come across is OGLE. It seems a little tricky to get it working . . . I never did. If you try it and it works, let us know in this thread.

@Farthioner I just mean the 2D road data from Google Maps

in google earth it does have elevation so it could be possible

hmm,on windows there is always ‘print screen’

why the bloody hell do you need a .obj format for an image?

You sir, are a retard.

.obj is for 3d files. (OBJECT files)

a 2d image is not an OBJECT, it’s a texture.

if you were to get a 3d OBJECT from it, You’d need to do a displacement elevation map.


honestly what the hell are you talking about fobsta, it’s google maps you don’t technically get a file you can even edit let alone export to a .obj format. Even if you could it’d be absolutely useless, just model your level and stop being lazy -.-.

@Farthioner I just mean the 2D road data from Google Maps

^^^ that is also absolutely useless, especially when you previously referred to using the .obj format. I’m pretty sure google maps doesn’t keep any actual data on the roads that would be even the slightest bit useful. Just model a map for the game, or write a level generator. It will produce better results, and in the end be faster and more reliable. This would also improve your skills. This clearly is the better way to go for something like this.

Any data you recieve from google maps will just be in the form of an image, it’s not worth mucking with. In theory you could take a screenshot of it or google earth (which would be much more useful for this) with a set of directions to make the blue line or w/e. Write a program to model the road on the blue line, and then randomly generate buildings on it. That’s the best way I could think of to use google maps with w/e it is you’re trying to do. Still, hand modelling everything would produce far better results, and though it takes time it may take more time to fiddle with this to have it not even work.