Google, MSNsearch Piss off


ok guys got a question.

google search bots and MSN search bots use a whooping 7% of my bandwidth every month. WTF is that.

that costs me about $21 a year and costs me a few days at the end of the month where my site is down.

MSN bot uses 4.5%
Googlebot uses 2.5%

i am curious whether i should block them both
block just googlebot
block just MSN bot

don’t block them at all, its worth it coz you get referals.

i am really tempted to block MSN search, microsoft are just unreasonably costing me money and don’t ever in any walk of life show consideration for anyone but themselves, if Google can do it in 2.5% then why can’t MSN. even 2.5% is heaps.

i have e-mailed both companys with my findings and requested microsft to sort it out or be blocked LOL. google i asked more nicely LOL


simple arithmatics… block MSN, reasons:

  1. takes more bandwith.
  2. I think it’s used less than google world wise.
    3)MSN=microsoft=evil :stuck_out_tongue:

thats kinda my thinking aner…infact exactly my thinking.

google is the name brand so i don’t really wanna kill them, and anyway most of my viewers come from blender sites as my sites are well linked. so i doubt deleting either google or MSN would effect me at all.


Maybe this is useful? Dunno if it works.

Or just set the robots.txt to only allow indexing of the home page and a couple of key pages. I wouldn’tremove yourself completely.

Use robots.txt to allow only indexing of a few page.

What lukep said.

i am wondering if that will reduce the visits.

you see doesn’t google follow links to my site from other sites (of which there are many)

so wouldn’t it be ending up at my site rather often, and will it read the meta tag then go “oh i better leave till monday” LOL

IMO a .htaccess file that just blocks the MSN or Googlebot by their name would be simpler. as it could be set up to block all pages except some key ones, and editing source code to CGP-Nuke and other PHP softwares might take a while.


if the robot follow the rules, yes definitively. (you can be sure it’s the case from google, fear the worst from microsoft).

the robots.txt is the first thing a robot must check before following a link.

you can also put the norobot meta in your pages