Google O3D ANy user here???


is here any body who uses Google O3D?

Any online resource on how to embed it into html?

Does this help at all?

hey thank you

I spend some time online I found a tut here as well:

It contains a series of "how to"s.

for a company as big as google sometimes their docs are very spares.

I don’t use google 03D, but I’m always happy to help out another coder.

i downloaded the plugin. it’s on my (long) list of to-do’s

very impressive but since I am not a coder this is a nightmare.

you define a div tag as the 3d player and add via java script
parameters like animation controls, scene loading, materials
and other things.

should not be to difficult but way to much for me to learn quickly.

but the results are great and render speed is terrific because
it uses the GPU.

thats because it essentially is like programming for opengl or some such api,
I cant wait for people to start writing engines that would make developing for O3D easier. :slight_smile:

I assume it is not complicated nor complex.
I am simply not a coder and poses not the fast comprehension to dive into in in few days.

But it looks very promising.

yup, thats pretty much what I said, surely a real programmer would be able to learn & understand the O3D api much more easily,
but an engine written for O3D could simplify the syntax and work involved in creating a final solution on top of the API. :slight_smile:

a german guy wrote an exporter for blender but it crashes for me all the time.

mainly you need keyboard or mouse support and the routine to load the 3d scene.

technically speaking this just should be copy and past. lol